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Introduction – What is Waltonchain?

Waltonchain is a blockchain involved in supply chain management. It tracks radio- frequency identification (FRID) data on the entire supply chain. Waltonchain was named after the inventor of the RFID technology, Charlie Walton. Later, it became an acronym for Wisdom Alters Label, Trade Organization, and Network.

The Waltonchain team is working on both software and hardware infrastructure to connect the world much better. Waltonchain was created by the founder in 2015 but was launched officially in 2017.

Waltonchain (WTC) is the native cryptocurrency on the Waltonchain network, where users can even create their own tokens on subchains. RFID has been in the market for several years, but it's amalgam with blockchain for IoT purposes has become a unique and compelling concept. And this something Waltonchain is working on. Waltonchain is hybrid as it is based on both PoW and PoS mechanisms. So, a WTC holder gets the benefit of earning passive income via staking WTC and by running a masternode of Waltonchain.

Historical Waltonchain Price and Statistics

Waltonchain has a market capitalization of $2,50,41,958 and stands at 156th position on CoinMarketCap. It is quite far from currencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum but is on top 15% of all the existing cryptocurrencies. The circulating supply of Waltonchain is 6,96,52,267 WTC, with a maximum supply of 10,00,00,000 WTC. Doing the math, around 69% of all the WTC coins have been mined to date.

The waltonchain price today is $0.36921 and is down 0.5% from the previous day. Volatility in Waltonchain is high but is short of liquidity. Over a period of three years, there have been significant price movements in the WTC market. It made an all-time high of $45.96 on January 28th, 2018, and an all-time low of $0.1421 on March 13th, 2020. The high and low values for other time periods are as follows:

 Time High Low
 24 Hour  $0.392316  $0.350962
 7 Day  $0.417887  $0.350962
 30 Day  $0.441971  $0.322728
 90 Day  $0.441971  $0.206180
 52-week  $3.18  $0.142135
Waltonchain price chart
waltonchain price chart by Tradingview

Waltonchain Price History Chart

Waltonchain price history is very much similar to other cryptocurrencies. The market started with a positive note in September 2017, where prices were making higher highs and higher lows until the beginning of 2018. In January 2018, WTC prices skyrocketed from $7.8668 all the way to $46.9653. It rallied around 500 percent in a matter of one month. But the prices failed to touch the $100 mark and crashed significantly. The prices showed a feeble bullishness at $7.8668, but the bears took over eventually and made an all-time low in March 2020.

Waltonchain price chart
Waltonchain price chart by Tradingview

Past Events

  • Child-chain Prototype – 04 June 2018
  • ISHIJAH Pilot Store – 04 June 2018
  • Listing on Huobi, DDEX, Bithumb, Joyso – 2018
  • Burn Program – 15 August 2019
  • Premining – 14 January 2020
  • Token Release Round 2 – 04 March 2020
  • WTA App Staking – 31 March 2020

Waltonchain Price Live

From mid-March, Waltonchain's price has been moving in an uptrend, making higher highs and higher lows. Focusing only on the month of June, WTC is moving sideways. Currently, the market is in the technical support area, where the prices could see a jump. However, it would not be surprising if the market test levels of $0.3000, as it is major support and resistance.

Waltonchain price chart
Waltonchain price chart by Tradingview

Waltonchain Price Converter and Calculator

Above are the charts of Waltonchain against the US dollar. But USD is not the currency through which this can be bought or sold. It can be converted and exchanged for several other currencies and digital assets.

Waltonchain price in GBP

The current Waltonchain price in Pound Sterling is 0.2633. That is, one Waltonchain is worth 0.2633 GBP. Likewise, two WTC will be worth 0.5266 GBP. You may use the calculator below for converting WTC to GBP: WTC to GBP Converter

Waltonchain price in EUR

The value of one Waltonchain is equivalent to 0.296 euros. If you wish to exchange euros for purchasing one WTC, you must pay 0.296 EUR.

Here is a converter to calculate the euro price for different values of WTC – WTC to EUR Converter

Waltonchain price in JPY

The current market price of waltonchain in JPY is 38.454. The price can also be quoted as 1 WTC per 38.454 JPY. WTC is referred to as the base currency and JPY as the quote currency. WTC to JPY Converter

Waltonchain price in BTC

In cryptocurrency exchanges, Waltonchain is extensively traded against other cryptocurrencies. In other words, both the base and the quote currencies are cryptocurrencies. WTC against the BTC is the most traded pair in Waltonchain, whose ticker is WTC/BTC. The current value of this crypto pair is 0.000037. Apart from BTC, you can buy or sell WTC with ETH, XRP, BCH, etc.

Click on the following link to convert any Waltonchain price to BTC – WTC to BTC Converter

Waltonchain Price Forecast by Experts for 2020

Cryptocurrencies have always been a volatile and quite unpredictable market. However, there are experts involved in the prediction space for a long time. Below are the WTC price forecasts from some experts in the cryptocurrency community.

1. Crypto Ground

Crypto Ground is a firm that predicts cryptocurrency prices based on algorithms. They are extremely bullish on WTC prices for the year 2020. They expect the WTC price to rally up to $5.70 by the end of 2020.

2. Wallet Investor

Wallet Investor is one of the most popular websites involved in price prediction of cryptocurrencies using technical analysis. Typically, they are skeptical about the future of most cryptocurrencies. With WTC, their viewpoint is no different. Wallet Investor’s forecast on Waltonchain for the year 2020 is $0.06, which is an 80 percent drop from the current levels.

3. Trading Beasts

Trading Beast is just another website that makes predictions on cryptocurrency prices. Like Crypto Ground, their predictions are based on algorithms. Trading Beast’s Waltonchain price forecast for the end of 2020 is $8.67. In other words, they expect the waltonchain prices to rise by 150% in a period of six months.

Waltonchain Price Forecast 2020

Waltonchain was one of the most hyped projects in 2017, the time when thousands of new cryptocurrencies spawned. However, in this mania, the WTC team worked effectively on their project to ensure that it can have a great future in the years to come. Yet their work reflects on the waltonchain prices is due. Since WTC is now undervalued, we expect a jump in the prices by the end of the year 2020.

Thus, our conservative prediction on waltonchain price for the year 2020 is $1. Having that said, there are possibilities for the prices to trade at the same levels or even lower, due to the crisis ongoing in the financial markets.

Waltonchain Price Prediction 2021

The child chain creation of Walton and the transactions on the network are self-reliant on WTC coins. Gradually, as the ecosystem expands, more and more businesses could be added to the Waltonchain ecosystem. As the consumption of WTC tokens increases, the demand will rise as well. However, this cannot happen overnight. It could take about a year or so for businesses to incorporate WTC into their existing technology. Thus, by the end of the year 2021, the WTC price could touch $2.5.

Waltonchain Price Prediction 2025

Five years is a long journey for a cryptocurrency. Nobody can predict with certainty on demand for a cryptocurrency with a five-year time frame. However, based on the cryptocurrency's past performance, we can extract some clues for future performance. Waltonchain is a pretty young cryptocurrency when compared to top coins like Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Bitcoin Cash.

Nonetheless, it is one of the few coins which have made it successfully to 2020, despite the poor PR it faced due to lack of sound communication skill. This shows the potential in WTC’s team. Thus, if the same work continues by the team, Waltonchain can surely sustain itself in the market for the next five-ten years. As far as the waltonchain forecast is concerned, Waltonchain price is expected to reach $40 in the year 2025.

Final Words – Should you Invest in Waltonchain?

Waltonchain is a cryptocurrency that is part of the new Internet of Things (IoT) ecosystem. It aims towards inculcating blockchain into the IoT to enhance the conceptual framework of network services. In simple terms, Waltonchain is working on stabilizing the connection between real-world data and the virtual network systems using the disrupting blockchain technology.

Waltonchain is an excellent coin to have on your radar if you believe in blockchain technology. The commercial applications of Waltonchain are beyond the internet space, and the product it offers has the ability to evolve bigger and wider in the year to come.

Every cryptocurrency comes with added risk. WTC is no different. As on the risk involved in investing in WTC, this is a coin that ought to show gradual growth, not rapid. The project it is working on is not the type that can see immediate results. Thus, one must have their risk calculated before investing in WTC with a short-term perspective. But if you’re considering investing with a long-term goal, there is negligible probability WTC could touch rock bottom.


What is the current price of Waltonchain?

Currently, Waltonchain price is $0.36921. Over the past week or so, it has been trading between $0.3806 and $0.3396. However, looking at the data from the month of April, WTC is in an evident uptrend.

What is the market capitalization of Waltonchain?

Market capitalization determines the worth of a cryptocurrency by considering its circulating supply and the market price. With a circulating supply of 6,96,52,267 WTC, the market cap of Waltonchain is $2,50,41,958.

Will Waltonchain grow in the future?

The blockchain project by Waltonchain is focused on solving the inherent problems in the blockchain business solutions. They came up with this project to allow businesses to efficiently use blockchain technology. Precisely, users of this platform will be able to seamlessly incorporate physical assets into this ecosystem and also keep a record of it on the ledger for improved security. With these features, where blockchain can be implemented into real-world businesses, Waltonchain is a coin with great future prospects.

What is the expert view for Waltonchain on a short-term and long-term perspective?

As per the viewpoint from several experts, Waltonchain may trend downwards in the short-term. On the other hand, there are investors who are piling up their investment, considering WTC is at a great discount. There could be possible dips in the short-term but can be a great opportunity to accumulate in the long term.

Where can I buy Waltonchain?

There are several cryptocurrency exchanges from where one can buy or sell Waltonchain coins. Coinbase which is a very popular cryptocurrency exchange, does not allow buying of WTC using USD. Thus, you must purchase coins like Bitcoin and Ethereum and later transfer it to exchanges like Binance or Bitfinex.