PZM cash: An Innovative and advanced payment system

By Guest Author
Published April 27, 2020 Updated April 27, 2020
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PZM cash: An Innovative and advanced payment system

By Guest Author
Published April 27, 2020 Updated April 27, 2020

PZM cash is a cryptocurrency created for means of payments for a fast-growing digital ecosystem in which the economic motives of each participant provide an increase in the overall wealth and wellbeing of the entire community. The critical difference between PZM cash and other payment systems lies in the mechanism of filling the network with the money supply.

It uses a two-level node structure.

  • Full node Structure
  • Light client Structure

A full node is a device with installed PZM cash software, which stores the current version of the blockchain. It acts as a consensus and audit node. The holder of a full node can actively participate in the formation of the blockchain, consistently grouping incoming transactions into blocks and distributing them over the network. It regularly checks the results of forging other nodes and spreads the load across the network.

The second type of node is light clients. They contain only essential data for the node. It saves memory on HDD and processing power. That is why these nodes are a good option for organizing a dedicated cryptocurrency wallet.

By installing the necessary software and launching a node as a participant in the administration of the network, a user can use a PASSIVE or ACTIVE usage mode of the cryptocurrency.

The use of JavaScript in the implementation of PZM Сash enabled the use of Web3.js technology, which significantly expanded the capabilities of the PZM Cash Wallet. The wallet can be used on the resources of our partners without creating a separate wallet for each project. 

The browser implementation eliminates the need for a blockchain to integrate new resources. Users will be able to log into sites and services through a wallet without registration, where cryptocurrency is used as payment.

The main strategic factor for PZM cash is that it relies on the growth of scaling and balancing of supply and demand for funds. Another unique feature of PZM cash from other cryptocurrencies is that the clients can receive rewards for supporting the ecosystem. The mining Proof-of-Stake algorithm provides a stable flow of new coins to the balance of light wallets.

The PZM Cash wallet offers smart contracts as a guarantee of agreements. It allows you to send transactions not only to the addresses of other network participants but also to the addresses of smart contracts 

The PZM Cash team refrained from a full emission approach when generating the first block. Only 1% of the total number of coins will be distributed when the network is launched. The remaining coins will be issued during post-mining as incentive payments to loyal clients for supporting the network.

The PZM Cash team has also modified the POS consensus algorithm considerably. The transaction commission is set, which guarantees a fair distribution of rewards among forgers. Using these advantages of the PZM Cash system, you can not only earn profit actively and create a passive income but also automate your business processes.

For more information, please visit our website https://pzmcash.com/


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