Rally Incentivizes Content Sharing Marketplace, Airdrop Goes Live on Sep 15 with Special Bonus

By Guest Author
Published September 10, 2018 Updated April 17, 2019
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Rally Incentivizes Content Sharing Marketplace, Airdrop Goes Live on Sep 15 with Special Bonus

By Guest Author
Published September 10, 2018 Updated April 17, 2019

In the world of token offerings where there are more frauds than good concepts, let alone the successful projects, a new atypical ICO is here to incentivize the users with the product already present in the market.

Now, the tasks as mundane and regular as sharing a content or joining a group will get you paid. It certainly has an appeal for the user and an added incentive to do what he/she already does.

Incentivizing the users by valuing their full potential

Rally is a marketplace where users are rewarded by advertisers for doing actions that they do everyday.”

Based on the tried and tested and extremely popular ICO platform Ethereum, this blockchain-based marketplace is rewarding the users for distributing an advertiser’s content to their social networks. It offers a win-win situation for both the user and the advertiser by rewarding the user and allowing the advertiser to shift their ad budget to the most effective user who is providing them with more value.

The focus of the project is to give power back to the user as Rally shares,

“The excessive power of centralized digital platforms has created a growing negative sentiment and a feeling that the user and their contributions are taken for granted. Rally will fix this imbalance by empowering the user and placing them at the center of the value chain.”

Rally airdrop is here, with 75% bonus

The Rally is now all set to bring the first phase of its airdrop into the market. From, September 15, 2018, the airdrop will go live with a 75 percent bonus. Phase first involves the total airdrop of 1,000 Rally Coin (~$50) for joining and connecting the social accounts. However, the special bonus has increased the number to 1,750 Rally Coin (~$87.50) that will be rewarded to the early community members. As for Advertisers, they are also given a huge opportunity as they can buy Rally coin for $0.05 each.

Talking about earning the bonus coins, it will apply to only those joining Rally or buying the Rally Coin. Once you have earned your coin, you will be awarded the bonus coins.

You can earn the Rally Coin through a number of ways detailed below:

  • You receive 500 Rally Coin (~$25) by joining, download the Rally app and verifying your account along with the bonus of 125 Rally Coin (~$18.75)
  • You receive 500 Rally Coin (~$25) total for connecting up to five social accounts in a combination of the total bonus of 325 Rally Coin (~$18.75)
  • Refer friends for 100 Rally Coin (~$5) for every referral with unlimited referrals + bonus of 75 Rally Coin (~$3.75) each

If you want to become a part of Rally and wish to participate in the airdrop, you just have to download the Rally app from the Google Play or App Store. The airdrop coins will be distributed immediately into the ERC20 compatible wallet on the Rally app.

In order to receive the airdrop coins in your rally account, KYC isn’t required, however, if you move your coins outside the Rally, it needs to be followed. The company will be sharing further details and the schedule for the KYC process at a later date.


Focus on building & rewarding the community

If we take a look at the economic model of the Rally coins, it is giving a new voice to the traditional “word-of-mouth” by recognizing its value and then further rewarding the “true value of user contributions”.

By introducing and implementing a new incentive system called Community Royalties, whoever a user invites to join Rally becomes a member of their Royalty Team. This is not all, the program rewards the users not only for new refers but also everytime their Royalty team earn tokens as well. With 2 billion Rally tokens which are 40% of the total supply allocated towards building the Rally community, it showcases the weight the company is giving to its community.

The strength of the project is in the fact that the more users engage on the Rally platform, the greater is the utility of the platform.



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