#PR:Ravendex Aiming to Boost Internet Access in Africa in Collaboration with World Mobile Token

By Stan Peterson
January 19, 2022 Updated January 19, 2022

Ravendex is a unique decentralized exchange that operates on the Cardano blockchain has made headlines once again for completing another milestone in its path to become the first AMM (automated market maker)-powered DEX.

Background of the collaboration

This Cardano-based DEX has partnered with World Mobile Token and reserved an Earth Node. The ambitious team behind Ravendex is prepared to do its part in bringing internet access to even the remote areas located in Africa. This would also allow Ravendex to gain attention and support from the African crypto community.

This deal comes right after the successful listing of the Ravendex $RAVE token on the BitMart exchange. Recently, the prices of Cardano reached higher levels after a long time due to the possibility of several new Dapps launching on 3rd generation PoS blockchain.

The aforementioned alliance is the first of its kind and it is expected to improve communication as a service which is the goal of World Mobile Token. World Mobile has scheduled to offer affordable mobile internet service from June this year using blimps as an end-to-end solution across Africa where certain locations still do not have any internet availability.

What to expect?

By reserving an earth node with the World Mobile Token, a portion of rewards would be passed on to those who staked their Cardano tokens on the Ravendex stake pool to become Ravendex delegators. These rewards would be launched when the Ravendex team launches its most-awaited ISPO.


Rave NFts are 10,000 unique pixelated Rave Non Fungible Tokens with proof of ownership stored on the Cardano blockchain.

Another innovative addition by the Ravendex team as the RAVE NFT holders will enjoy exclusive benefits like $RAVE Token Bonuses when the ISPO starts.

About Ravendex

Ravendex is the only Cardano blockchain-based DEX that allows users to swap and trade Cardano-based tokens in a trustless manner. The team Ravendexlabs is supported by IOHK as a project with great potential because it is one of the first-ever applications to use Alonzo Hard Fork.

But fast transfers and providing liquidity between native Cardano tokens and ADA is not the only thing that Ravendex is capable of doing. It is also the first non-custodial DEX running on Cardano via an automated market maker protocol.

The goal of Ravendexlabs is to keep building on the Cardano Network and help it grow further to secure its entire blockchain ecosystem while connecting with other potential partner projects and big players within the crypto industry.

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