Reasons Why You Should Choose a Crypto Advertising Network

By Guest Author
Published July 17, 2019 Updated July 17, 2019
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Reasons Why You Should Choose a Crypto Advertising Network

By Guest Author
Published July 17, 2019 Updated July 17, 2019

In the competing world of crypto businesses, it is hard to make yourself noticed. Sure, you might have a good product or concept, but no one will know of your existence. And if none of your potential clients know that you exist, how can they bring you sales and profit?

Where we’re going with this is that advertising is the key to a business’ success. It builds the foundation on which its brand rises, and establishes its reputation in the world.

You will get nowhere if you do not implement a strong marketing strategy that makes use of various technologies; there are different types that are tweaked to target the advertiser’s goals.

If you just started your crypto company, you are most likely evaluating what bitcoin advertising optionsare right for you and which one will bring you the most returns for your money:top advertising network or niche advertising network?

We will try to help you in this matter by presenting a list with arguments supporting the use of a niche advertising network.

  1. Ad promotion on top industry websites

There are many websites that cater to the crypto industry and all its niches. While there are as many websites as cryptos (over 2000), only the top hundreds will be relevant to your campaign. Niche advertisers will only promote your ads on the websites that attract the majority of your target audience.

  1. Speedy ads approval

There are many social platforms that have banned crypto ads, and most of the ad networks have to first evaluate your ad’s content before promoting. Niche networks skip this lengthy and time-consuming process, launching your campaign ad without any delays.

  1. Banner design with no extra charge

A crypto advertising network also features, in its campaign package, the full set of banner designs. Getting your banners individually designed by another separate service will cost you money and time. The crypto ad network relieves you of these problems by havingspecialized web designers create the banners for you and your campaign.

  1. Top-grade traffic

You can rest assured that a niche advertising network will only bring in traffic that is of the highest quality.This is because the promotion of your ads is only done onthe most visited crypto websites, which have certain posting requirements. You will not have to pay for highCPMs for useless traffic ever again with crypto ad networks.

  1. Real-time customization

The client interface of a crypto ad network allows you to make all the modifications you need, without any problems, in just a matter of seconds. Unlike with big ad networks, you are the one that is control of your campaign.

  1. Dedicated support

A big bonus which comes with niche advertising networks is the support. These platforms offer live support through which their advertiser can develop and customize their campaign. Networks such as Coinzilla appoint an account manager to aid and consult their advertisers.

  1. Advertising options aplenty

After you have chosen youradvertising network, you will be presented with a variety of options and strategies which include native banners, standard IAB banners, and press releases.

One should not underestimate the impact a well-written press release can have on a top- rated website from the industry. Its words can have the power to sway customers from the competition or convert new followers.

  1. Cryptocurrency accepted here

There are many niche advertising networks out there that not only support payment in fiat, but also in Bitcoinand, in some cases, even more cryptocurrencies. As a crypto business owner, you probably know the advantages of paying with digital coins.

  1. Optimized conversion rates

The placement of ad banners exclusively on the most prominent crypto websites in the industry will generate higher conversion rates. Niche ad networks know this very well and practice this principle to get you those conversion rates.

  1. You save money

Most will argue that advertising will cost you a lot of money if you want to do it right. While it’s true that the cheapest network will get you the cheapest traffic, you can still get a better bank for your buck with niche ad networks, as they are far less expensive than advertising companies.

The sheer number of established crypto businesses can be discouraging for any new start-up. But there is no need to despair; with a good marketing campaign, you can get to unexpected heights – and the best and most effective marketing campaigns are those crafted by nice advertising networks.

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