Ripple Demonstrating the Promise of Internet of Value while XRP as a Base Currency gains Traction

In its latest blog, Ripple shares how banks and Financial institutions get to realize the Internet of Value though RippleNet. Meanwhile, XRP is constantly gaining traction when it comes to price, listing and as a base currency.

Realizing the internet of value through RippleNet

Ripple is not slowing down let alone stopping. In its latest blog, the company shares the effect of RippleNet as it states in today’s fast-paced world conditioned by smartphone and apps, money and financial service providers need to move just as fast.

Today’s payments infrastructure leads to expensive and delayed transactions, which is in contradiction to the Internet of Value expected by the customers. This is where RippleNet comes into the picture which

Also, digital asset exchange, OKCoin is adding 5 new cryptocurrencies including XRP on its platform. The licensed exchange is basically adding five new fiat-to-crypto and token-to-token trading pairs while stating:

“As we build out the broadest set of financial products on a globally regulated exchange, we are committed to expanding the trading pairs for our customers, while bringing tokens to the exchange that offer utility, value and demonstrable use cases.”

“An independent, decentralized digital asset, XRP settles payments in 3-4 seconds and can scale to handle 50,000 transactions per second, which makes it the best digital asset for cross-border payments. Ripple, an enterprise blockchain company, uses XRP in one of their products – xRapid – to help banks and payment providers source liquidity on demand,”

further states the exchange.

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