Ripple Seeks Regulatory Clarity, Calls European Parliament Member To Speak

Eva Kaili

Ripple Seeks Regulatory Clarity, Calls European Parliament Member To Speak

In a recently published blog on Ripple official website, Eva Kaili, Member of the European Parliament talks about the Blockchain, Crypto Adoption, and Regulations around. Enthusiastically, she sees Blockchain is a technology with good potential.

Removing Barriers From Adoption

Ripple seeks the mechanism of the European Union towards regulation on blockchain and digital assets by Eva Kaili. She reveals a few positive comments. In fact, talk with Kaili specifically focuses on ‘the mainstream acceptance of the technology as well as the positive approach to regulation by European Union’. Nevertheless, the blog reads that Kaili is keen at removing barriers in blockchain adoption. it says;

Yet, there is still work to be done on the regulatory front and Kaili is passionate about helping to provide the clarity that will help remove barriers to adoption. For the past four years, the Greek MEP has spearheaded a fresh Europe-wide approach to blockchain and digital assets.

Unlike the other members, Kaili is quite optimistic and thus encouraging fewer regulations to foster innovation. She says that;

“We do not want to stop innovation, the resolution is a roadmap to support this very exciting technology. We’ve shown that we are open-minded. Adding that, “We will help you innovate by removing some of the risks.”

Kaili – RippleNet Could Solve it

She recalls how would RippleNet could help over banks. Her mother in Greece had an immediate need for cash and bank transfer would take three working days to transfer funds from Brussels to Greece. She says RippleNet would benefit her with low fees on ‘cross-border payment’ that day.

If I could send it to her using RippleNet, she would immediately receive the payment.”

Funds Released To Encourage New Ideas on Blockchain

So to push forward the innovation, Kaili mentioned ‘the Digital Europe Programme’ which has released €9.2 billion funds to help blockchain-related projects as well. Continuing that she says;

European Commission may have more than €300 million available for blockchain pilots.

With this, she calls ‘Blockchain enthusiasts, Entrepreneurs, institutions to avail the benefit from EU funding. The fund to be used for blockchain-projects will likely connect Europe and the world at large. Addressing Ripple Regionals Audience, Kaili calls ‘Blockchain as Unstoppable technology’.

“By its nature, blockchain technology doesn’t recognize borders,” she says. “It’s unstoppable. You will be disrupted if you don’t try to understand it. Instead, you need to see the potential.”

Besides this, Kaili in 2008 approached the ‘European Commission and the European Central Bank (ECB) to look after ‘European Parliament Resolutions’. Such resolutions were majorly focusing on the sources of crypto-volatility, identify dangers and certainly incorporating crypto for the European payment system.

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