After Finance, Ripple [XRP] Set to make Breakthroughs in Education Sector

By Disha Gautam
Published June 4, 2018 Updated June 4, 2018
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After Finance, Ripple [XRP] Set to make Breakthroughs in Education Sector

By Disha Gautam
Published June 4, 2018 Updated June 4, 2018


In the wake of a smart move by its team, Ripple contribution of around $50 million in the research is deem to attract finances and investors on a really large scale. This might help the cryptocurrency in taking its market value back on track.

The story behind the growing Ripple contributions

The blockchain technology is unmasking its real potential and spreading its reaches in market space. Enthusiasts across the globe, are acknowledging its existence and have started taking interest in its working.

University Blockchain Research Initiative or UBRI is one such initiative which accommodates 17 research-oriented universities coming together to fulfill the endeavor that they sought to pursue.

Collaborative partnership with universities from Australia, the US, the Netherlands, Brazil, India, South Korea, the UK, Luxembourg, Cyprus, and Canada will be thus observed. The recent tweet goes,

“We’re committing $50M to top, global universities to further #blockchain research, tech and talent for our new University Blockchain Research Initiative!”.

With UBRI, the universities across the globe wish to reformulate their curriculums, in sync with the current foreplay. And consecutively, equip themselves with the latest knowledge base on financial technology and the new concept of crypto world asserting its presence.

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Crypto market seeking collaborations extensively 

Day in and out, the news of some or the other big crypto being associated with some prestigious linkups is going on air. It seems that the crypto market is also coming in the reaches of the marketing strategies to large extent.

The recent move of Ripple funding the UBRI is one amongst many such moves in foreplay of the market setup. Recently we saw many other cryptocurrencies that are joining hands with the number of corporations from different industries. Owing to the statistical approach, everyone is realizing the need for collaborations and the world platforms that they could seek for their representation.

The global trends are now that of partnerships and do not even pay heed to isolations anymore. Thus a market that was earlier existing in isolation is slowly and steadily moving towards a “mix-up”.

Though the current market trends for the crypto accounts for a gloomy decline of 3.7% with the present value at $0.64 USD, it might change to a soaring one soon. As suggested by the analysts in market space, the figures changing to an upward surge is primarily the expectation in prevalence. As drawn from the market trends in foreplay, it has now become more or less an expected move for a currency facing decline, to indulge in associations.

It would now be interesting to see, whether Ripple gets back on its price track with its latest UBRI associations or not? What do you opine in this regard?



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