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Safetrading AI – The Scam Crypto Services Fighter

After Bitcoin reached $13,000, a lot of cryptocurrency experts started to talk that the bullish market is coming. 


According to the Safetrading experience, bullish time is the time when a lot of scammers resume their activity. During the boom, people invest a lot of money in coins relying on scam signals, after that they lose everything and stop trading. 

Of course, the biggest part of them are crypto signals channels, but there are also scam wallets, bots, exchanges, etc.

Newcomers are their target audience because it is easy to ensure that they can get easy profit out of $100 invested just in 2-3 days! You just need to subscribe or put the money in trust management. 

So, there are a lot of victims. And the representative of Safetrading – Andreas Schmidt, was one of them before he opened this platform.

In short, Safetrading is the cryptocurrency website that offers due diligence of blockchain services – cryptocurrency wallets, bots, crypto traders, etc. using specially developed artificial intelligence. 

Now, I suppose, you want to know a bit more about the process of review, right?

Actually, till the beginning of 2020, traders from Safetrading used to check everything manually. It took around 2 days to review one channel, and when they started to receive 5 or more application forms per day, it became impossible to check everything without the specially developed program. 

The Safetrading AI does the same that traders did but it does it faster and the probability of mistake is less because the program doesn’t want to sleep and it can’t have headaches. 

So, artificial intelligence made by the Safetrading team can:

  • Review crypto signals for the past 3 months using the special calculation rules;
  • Check the presence of cross-promotions in the channel;
  • Review the feedback of users on the Internet;
  • Analyze the experience of the team and the total activity of the service;
  • Check the features of bots like traders they list, their experience and profit made, the special functionalities, etc.

A lot of traders when hearing there are a lot of scammers, can’t imagine the real number of them.

According to the statistics from Safetrading, they list:

  1. 29 approved traders out of almost 300 listed on the platform;
  2. 9 approved crypto bots out of 40 listed on the platform;
  3. 10 approved crypto wallets out of 20 listed on the platform.

Cryptocurrency is unregulated.

It is good, really, it gives us freedom.

But on the other hand, it creates a lot of scam channels, which are able to provide fake info to people and steal their money because no one checks them before they start to give “services”.

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They are like a great circle of problems. Next time they are going to come back with changed names, logos, and renewed schemes unless we don’t find a way to take them off the market. 

Safetrading exists for you to rely on it but you should always remember:


Yes, it is very important to do your own research on this or that service, so you will be calm because you checked every detail a hundred times. 

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