Safuu Enables Investors To Stake Their Tokens Without Letting Them Go – Here’s How

By Stan Peterson
May 2, 2022 Updated May 2, 2022
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The concept of ‘staking’ is one that every crypto enthusiast would have heard about at one point or the other in their lives. This is because staking allows investors to generate tangible passive income for themselves in a highly seamless manner, which is especially useful since a lot of crypto assets are known to offer extremely high interest rates. To elaborate, staking is a process through which investors can actively participate in a blockchain’s native transaction validation schemes, such that anyone with a minimum-required balance of a specific cryptocurrency can validate transactions and earn staking rewards in return.

In this regard, it is worth mentioning a project called Safuu, which can be described as a decentralized finance platform that rewards users with a lucrative, sustainable fixed compound interest thanks to its use of a unique SAP protocol. The project comes complete with an auto-staking option (related to its native cryptocurrency ‘SAFUU’). However, what makes the protocol really stand out is the fact that investors do not have to lock in their tokens for a fixed time duration or surrender their tokens to a smart contract governed by a third-party, centralized authority. 

A closer look at what Saafu has to offer

Safuu’s native infrastructure is designed to help provide users with handsome yields in the easiest manner possible. To participate in the passive income opportunities offered by the platform, all that users need to do is hold Safuu tokens in their wallet, that’s it. Once done, Safuu doles out a fixed annual percentage yield (APY) of approximately 383,025.80%, with the accrued interest being paid out every 15 Minutes (or, on average, a total of 96 times per day).

The entire process is extremely straightforward and provides newer crypto investors with a simple means of getting started with passive income generation, all without the hassle of having to understand the ins-and-outs of staking.

A key aspect of the project is that since its inception — which was a little less than 60 days ago — Safuu’s online presence has continued to grow and expand at an unfathomable pace. To this point, the project’s digital community has scaled up to a total of 70,000+ members who are spread out amongst its official Twitter channel, Discord and Subreddit.

Other key features worth considering

In addition to all of the features described above, the project also comes with other modules such as the Safuu Insurance Fund (SIF), which as the name suggests, is an insurance fund that helps the protocol achieve a high degree of price stability and long term sustainability by maintaining a consistent rebase rate of 0.02355% — paid out to all SAFUU token holders. 

Similarly, the Safuu Treasury serves as an asset pool that helps support the SIF in case $SAFUU is ever faced with a high degree of volatility while also funding new investments and projects. Lastly, The Fire Pit, is a token burning module where 2.5% of all $SAFUU being traded are burnt. This is done to not only help control the currency’s circulatory supply but also help stabilize the protocol and its native APY mechanisms.

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