Salesforce Blockchain – Million Developer Platform launching Blockchain Solution

Salesforce Blockchain – Million Developer Platform launching Blockchain Solution

United States’ cloud software giant, Salesforce has recently revealed its bullishness towards the blockchain realm. In a live stream youtube video on May 29, Salesforce revealed the launch plan of its own blockchain platform.

Salesforce Blockchain for Business

The platform dubbed ‘Salesforce blockchain is reportedly building on top of Salesforce’s lightning and Hyperledger Sawtooth Platform. Following the launch, enterprises can build their blockchain distributed ledgers which will later be integrated with their Salesforce’s sale forecasts and prediction. The company said that the other blockchains can also be integrated with Salesforce and noted that ‘third parties to their blockchain with a few clicks”.

According to the official announcement, the new solutions are a low-code blockchain platform which is more likely extending the power of CRM. With the help of Salesforce blockchain, companies will be able to experience blockchain just like CRM data object. The announcement reads that;

“Leveraging Salesforce Blockchain, S&P Global Ratings has created a trusted network of reviewers, where everyone can work from a shared, transparent and auditable review process — completely reinventing and expediting how we do KYC reviews for our customers.”

Nevertheless, the Salesforce is among the top three companies which closely stepped into blockchain technology. To note IQVIA researching company and S&P Global rating agency are the two in the pipeline. Concerning the similar sentiments, Salesforce CTO Prarker Harris says that’

“We’re bringing the ease of use of Salesforce to managing a blockchain network,” says Harris.

Moreover, Bret Taylor, Salesforce’s president and chief product officer notes that the company is keenly researching the best possible solution to bring new business models via decentralized nature of the blockchain that Salesforce so far failed to develop. While discussing extending CRM model to enhance customer experience, Talyor says that the new blockchain solutions will encompass three components’. Blockchain builder for developers, blockchain connects to integrate blockchain directly with applications on its platform, Blockchain Engage to engage and invite members to the blockchain applications. Adding that, Taylor states;

“We think that having the Salesforce gravity being around the customer and customer experience, and making blockchain really accessible to a broad range of developers will help enable a lot of our customers to start experimenting with these new business models and new approaches to build an ecosystem around their products and experiences,”

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