Samsung Galaxy Store to Feature TRON Decentralized Applications

Tron TRX
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Samsung Galaxy Store to Feature TRON Decentralized Applications

TRON has a dedicated section in the Samsung Galaxy Store, featuring applications built using its blockchain. Users in the United States and Europe who are using Samsung smartphones [1] now have the ability to experience the next generation of blockchain-based applications directly from their mobile devices.

 TRON initially integrated across Samsung mobile devices alongside Bitcoin and Ethereum in October 2019. Six months later, TRON became the first blockchain project to have a dedicated section on the Samsung Galaxy Store, which is one of the largest app stores in the world.

 The dedicated section currently features applications like Blockchain Cuties, Super Player, Meerkat Mining, Timeloop, and other highly anticipated applications. TRON recently overtook EOS for the total number of applications on the platform, and more TRON based applications are expected to come to the Samsung Galaxy Store in the near future.

 TRON acquired BitTorrent in 2018, which has over 100 million active users. TRON’s recent strategic partnership with DLive, a top streaming platform built on TRON, is bringing the popular blockchain-powered applications closer to everyone.

“We really enjoyed working with Samsung on the blockchain level integration. Now with Samsung Galaxy Store, we are taking our collaboration to the next level by integrating both ecosystems together,” says Justin Sun, Founder of TRON “this is an incredible opportunity for developers to migrate and build on the TRON platform and put their applications in front of Samsung users.” This collaboration is expected to bolster the adoption of TRON blockchain technologies across users and developers.

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