Is Satoshi Female? Binance Exchange Unlocked Few Myths Behind

Satoshi Nakamoto Female

Is Satoshi Female? Binance Exchange Unlocked Few Myths Behind

As we all know the identity behind Satoshi Nakamoto is still a mystery – even it’s out of sight whether the creator of Bitcoin, Satoshi is a male or female. Many times when folks use this term, they perceive it as a male but not definitely be. To mark the International Women’s Day 2019, Binance cryptocurrency exchange has unlocked a few myths on ‘Is Satoshi Female’?.

Binance – about half our employee base is female

One of the largest cryptocurrency exchange, Binance reportedly have half of the female employee base. Adding that the industry is quite male-center when it comes o blockchain revolution, Binance states;

Very few seem to entertain the possibility that, to paraphrase Ariana Grande, the crypto god is a woman.

However, the fact is that Blockchain and Crypto by nature encourage everyone (irrespective of gender) to participate in the revolution. As Binnace claimed the concept of this disruptive technology has potential that pushes forward gender equality in a greater scale. Helen Hai, Head of Binance Charity Foundation. said

“We truly believe that by helping women, we help the next generation, consequently creating a better world,”

The platform further highlighted few obstacles that led by cultural and mental by nature – and noted ‘below myths have been disproved multiple times in Binance’s experience’.

Myth #1: Women are not interested in blockchain and cryptocurrency
Myth #2: Women are not skilled in investing in crypto
Myth #3: Blockchain companies are not women-friendly
Myth #4: Women don’t occupy top positions in the blockchain
Myth #5: Women cannot contribute to blockchain development

Binance confidently disapproved the above myth,  stating that female professionals at their platform including in a role of leadership are as equally half.

Many women in the blockchain space already understand that blockchain is beyond cryptocurrency, and it shows with the numerous female thought leaders we encounter in the industry.

Addressing the crypto investment skill of women, Binance quoted a US and UK study that revealed women well perform in savings and investments. Further, the latter study opens up a good comparison between two years and found that ‘twice as many women are interested in investing in crypto in mid-2018 in comparison to the year 2017′.

Binance recruits a lot of excellent women

What’s the proof that blockchain companies are not women-friendly – Binance exchange in its blog quoted the statement of its proud Co-founder and Chief Marketing Offer, He Yi. In contrast to an industry is not women-friendly, He Yi confirms that Binance recruits a lot of excellent women. In her words;

“Today, we see more and more women joining the industry. Many outstanding women have emerged in the space. I think this is the best proof, as Binance does not consider gender or marital status during the recruitment process. We recruit a lot of excellent women.”

Unlocking the fourth myth that talks about the inaccessibility of top position for Women in Blockchain industry, He Yi says, ‘We also have many female leaders’. She then began adding the instance of Ella Zhang who is the head of Binance Labs, Helen Hai who is also in a lead role of Binance Charity Foundation. The Co-founder, He Yi quotes;

“We speak through our strength at Binance.”

Conclusively – while dispelling the fifth myth that focuses on Women cannot contribute to blockchain development. The blog quoted 2016 research papers that reveal the performance of women to code software is higher than men. In He Yi’s view;

“Many people are still uncertain about the industry. You have to jump in early enough, then try your best and use your experience to beat your opponent – whoever that may be. In the face of competition, never expect others to give priority to women.”

Binance believes that the more women empowerment or the more gender balance would surely lead the global production to reach $12 trillion by 2025. So folks, what do you think about Binance unlocking these myths? Share your thoughts on whether Satoshi is female or male?

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