Self-acclaimed Satoshi Nakamoto Promises To Give Away $8 Billion Bitcoins

By Dare Shonubi
Published July 31, 2019 Updated July 31, 2019
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Self-acclaimed Satoshi Nakamoto Promises To Give Away $8 Billion Bitcoins

By Dare Shonubi
Published July 31, 2019 Updated July 31, 2019

Self-acclaimed bitcoin creator, Craig Wright has promised while giving a speech at a recent event that he is doing a bitcoin give away in 2020.

This news comes following recent events in which Craig debated issues relating to bitcoin creation and claimed ownership of about $8 billion worth of bitcoin founder portion presently locked until the year 2020.

Now, the self-acclaimed Satoshi Nakamoto is bent on showing the world his true identity by means of unlocking some hundred of thousands of Bitcoins which is worth $8 billion dollars and has also made a show of being interested in his blockchain invention technology more than the wealth he has so far accrued, by giving away every single bit of his bitcoin allocation.

Craig made this known during a recent event in which he seemed to be talking about fraud prevention and how the blockchain can now be used to facilitate philanthropic behaviors. In this direction, Craig has shown a considerable level of concern towards education and has promised to donate all of his yet-to-be-unlocked bitcoins to education in 2020.

According to Craig,

I have about 8 billion dollars’ worth of bitcoin and I’m donating them. Not as a joke. I’m giving them away. I want them to go to education. So my BTC is not going to go to me. I’ll keep my bitcoin — the bitcoin I created, the bitcoin I still work on. But the BTC, the whatever forks — I don’t really care — in 2020 I’m going to give them away…

I’m going to give it so that people in Africa can be educated so that people in South America can be educated…

For the records, the arguments about Craig Wright being the inventor of bitcoin has been around the corner for some time now. While Craig severally told the press and openly declared himself as Satoshi himself, he had at one point in time also declared himself the rightful owner of some freshly-mined never-moved-before Bitcoins which he severally claimed wasn’t accessible until 2020.

If Craig is able to pull this off, that would make him the world’s most generous giver, towering above Jeff Bezos’s record of $2 billion.


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