ShapeShift CEO Calls out WSJ for Pushing the “Crypto is Criminal Money” Narrative & Misleading News

In today’s world, the influence of media on ones thought the process is at a high point. Be it social media on mainstream media it very difficult to differentiate the news from the rumors. Cryptocurrencies have been a victim to this for a long time and if Shapeshift CEO is to be believed they continue to do. In a recent article published in Wall Street Journal, the author accuses Shapeshift (and other cryptos) of providing a platform to criminals to launder their money.

Wall Street journal displaces Voorhees and the crypto community

The recent article published by Wall Street Journal titled  “How Dirty Money Disappears Into the Black Hole of Cryptocurrency” written Justin Scheck and Shane Shifflett puts forward the narrative that says  that anyone who wishes to launder their dirty money, be it A North Korean agent, a stolen-credit-card peddler and the mastermind of an $80 million Ponzi scheme, uses ShapeShift AG and anonymously converts it to cryptocurrencies. The write up goes on further to target privacy coins like Monero which are completely untraceable and best hideouts for money launderers.

The article further accuses Shapeshift and its policies by saying

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Erik Voorhees find support from Joseph Young who points out that federally managed bans also launder money

While Erik fights his battle to prove the article’s narrative wrong, he has found the support of Joseph Young who replied to Erik tweet saying that such articles aren’t really about money laundering but actually are about pushing a narrative that crypto is criminal money.

He also points about how banks to launder money but none of the media speaks about it as they speak about Bitcoin and Cryptos. While explaining how media is biased, he points at a bank in Denmark that has been found guilty of laundering USD 230 billion. The reference is towards Danske Bank, Denmark’s largest bank, which said that more than $230 billion in the suspected money laundering transactions flowed through its tiny Estonian branch, a disclosure accompanied by the resignation of the bank’s chief executive.

What Erik and Joseph are put forwarding is that frauds and money laundering is everywhere, be it centralized and federally managed banks or cryptocurrencies but highlighting only cryptocurrencies as the culprit is something that is not correct. One has to understand that times are changing and cryptocurrencies have the potential to do much more than laundering money

Do you agree with Erik Voorhees and Joseph Young on their view about mainstream media? Do let us know your views on the same.

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