Shirtum: The Best Blockchain Platform for Soccer Enthusiasts

By Stan Peterson
June 11, 2021 Updated June 11, 2021
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Soccer/football is currently the most popular sport, with over 3.3 billion followers globally. The vastness of soccer is seen during live games where thousands go to the stadiums, and tens of millions of others stream the matches online. 

Football fans want to get the feeling of belonging by sharing the achievements of their idols and teams. But, unfortunately, most of these achievements are stored in players’ and teams’ museums and are only accessible by a few, mostly close friends. Therefore, fans from all over the globe do not get access to the achievements. 

What if there was a platform allowing users to share the achievements of their favorite players and teams? Well, Shirtum is offering just that. 

What is Shirtum?

Shirtum is a network introduced to help sports enthusiasts and players interact and enjoy the benefits of exclusive content. This network was launched in Spain, a country that has been popular in several other countries. 

Shirtum’s main objective is to allow sports fans access to content and sports pieces that they can’t easily access. Using NFT assets, the fans can purchase a share of ownership in this exclusive content and enjoy the benefits. 

The important exclusive content players can share with the fans include their shirts(signed), memorabilia, trophies, etc. In addition, this platform will have limited edition tokens that will directly link to all the memorabilia and achievements the players will have. 

How Does Shirtum Work?

The first step in the platform is registering players and game enthusiasts, especially in the football world. In this platform, there is a section for everyone as follows; 

Players Digital Museum

Afterward, all the players registered on the platforms will share their stories directly with the fans in the digital players’ museums. Additionally, the players will share these stories on videos, which will all be available for their fans. 


In this zone, the fans will now see the video content created by their favorite players, including their important achievements and stories. For example, among the top videos could include stories about each of their shirts.


After viewing the video, the fans will visit the marketplace and choose if they are ready to own a share in a player’s shirts or memorabilia. Users can either buy directly from the player or buy from others who bought the assets from the players.  


This section is in a user’s account to see the digital assets/ NFT they own. The user can personalize their gallery to their liking.

The $SHI Token

The Shirtum network has a native token SHI based on the Binance smart chain, thus a BEP-20 token. Even more, this platform is in the process of creating a token that interacts with the Ethereum smart chain, an ERC-20 token. 

Since the $SHI token is the primary token of the network, it will be used to buy digital assets from the platforms. Users will enjoy many benefits created by these tokens by earning rewards. They will be able to stake their tokens in the exchanges and earn the rewards.

Among the incentives associated with holding/staking the $SHI token include; 

  • Investors can get a chance to participate in early NFT sales
  • The stakers can also earn discounts on the prices of NFTs
  • The persons staking the $SHI tokens also get an opportunity of owning the exclusive NFT assets
  • Stakers also will have the chance that most fans dream of, the chance to own shirt from players
  • Also, all stakers will enjoy getting the experiences from their favorite players

The $SHI Token Economics

The Shirtum network has instituted excellent token economics to enhance the reliability of its token from the presale date. Currently, the total number of $SHI tokens to be minted is 1 billion, with 412 million tokens being apportioned for the token sales as follows;

  • The platform is also going to offer 20 million tokens in the seed round
  • The platform also plans to hold two rounds of private sale, with round 1 selling 100 million and round 2 issuing 120 million tokens
  • The platform will also sell 138 million tokens in community sales(public offering)
  • The final 34 million tokens are going to be made available in decentralized exchanges in PancakeSwap

The rest of the tokens, exactly 518 million, will be apportioned to different works as follows; 

  • 120 million tokens to founding players
  • 100 million tokens for burning
  • 30 million tokens for advisors
  • 120 million for developing team members
  • 118 million tokens will be shared in the treasury 
  • 100 million tokens will help in marketing works

Benefits of Shirtum

Security and Audit

The Shirtum network plans to protect the users and their funds while ensuring they enjoy using the platform. CDTSEC, a famous blockchain auditor, worked on auditing SHI’s smart contract.  

The audit showed that the network has no vulnerabilities; thus, both players, teams, and fans can enjoy using the platform freely. Furthermore, by posting the audit report on their website, the platform has proved highly transparent. 

The Binance Smart Chain Base for Convenience

Binance smart chain is the host of Shirtum. By using a blockchain, the network will benefit from transparency and immutability, and authenticity of collections. Shirtum decided to use this blockchain to ensure it provides top-notch services. 

Generally, players and users will enjoy fast services on a highly scalable and top-speed network. Even more, transactions leveraging the $SHI token will have lower charges.  

User Friendly 

The Shirtum platform has a dynamic user interface to ensure there is utter simplicity in interacting. The process of signing up is quite simple and only requires the purchases of the $SHI token. 

Even more, the platform will launch mobile applications for both android and iPhone devices in the third quarter of 2021. Their final goal is to create a highly convenient network. 

Invest with Shirtum

After a look into the Shirtum network will provide excellent opportunities for players, fans, and teams to interact and benefit from each other. The platform has a lot planned for the future, including introducing a Smart TV app, gamification, New sports, and an affiliation system. All these future planned tools are aimed at encouraging great interaction between players and fans.

The platform hosts two private sale rounds, with the first one currently ongoing and another to follow starting June 18th. After the private sales, Shirtum will host a public sale. This is the best time for investors to make their decisions and enjoy the returns awaiting them in the future.

Being an active participant in the Blockchain world, I always look forward to engage with opportunities where I could share my love towards digital transformation.
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