Sparking the Future of Decentralized Electrical Networks with AVALO-energy

Guest Author Press Release published November 15, 2019 | modified November 20, 2019

Sparking the Future of Decentralized Electrical Networks with AVALO-energy

As the blockchain community continues to grow, so does the immense electrical demand these networks demand. To supply the increasing demand for electricity, the AVALO-energy team plans to deploy an exciting and innovative solution with a decentralized electrical network. 

To make these ambitious plans a reality, the team developed an innovative microcomputer which they plan to sell directly to consumers. Through the distribution of this hardware, the team will help to deploy renewable energy with cost-savings for the end consumer in mind.

Furthermore, the AVALO-energy solution will be able to expand with various types of software and applications which can operate on the network’s exclusive hardware. All of which will help create a powerful foundation for the future of a decentralized electrical grid.

Decentralized Electrical Network

Within the AVALO-energy whitepaper, the team details its expansive demand for electricity across the United States, Europe, and China. decentralized electrical network. Through the huge amount of demand for electricity, the AVALO-energy team will present their value proposition and laund the world’s first crowd-based network of users to support green energy production and storage.  

With this in mind, AVALO-energy proudly created the slogan, “The Power Of Us” which captures the nature of this exciting green energy project. Through the distribution of AVALO based hardware, the team will be able to deploy a decentralized energy supply and battery system with unprecedented reach.

This will empower the AVALO electrical network to not only generate electricity to consumers but also generate value to the AVALO coin and greater digital community.


Upon launch, the box will feature a handful of helpful applications to get users started. A few Core AVALO software features will include a map to guide users where they can find charging stations and even free energy sources within the AVALO-energy network.

The network will also offer customers the option to access free WLAN within the AVALO reward program. With this in mind, the project hopes to develop a strong value stream for the users within the decentralized network. All of these features should bring a valuable set of new tools to the homes of cryptocurrency enthusiasts and those who support the green energy movement.

 Interestingly, the AVALO box will also help the goal of creating a decentralized network to become closer to reality. Through the innovative box, AVALO will be better positioned to empowers users within a decentralized electrical network.

This will include features such as those mentioned above, in addition to new applications that can be developed on top of AVALO. Through the development of other software features, users will be able to find even more value from the network. For developers, this presents an exciting opportunity where they can reach a cohesive network all actively working towards a greater common goal of establishing decentralized electricity.

Renewable AVALO-Energy Marketplace

The Bitcoin network alone consumes nearly the same amount of power as the entire country of Switzerland or nearly a quarter of a percent of all energy used globally. With this huge demand for power also comes a need for supply.

That being said, the AVALO team plans to develop an electricity marketplace where users can buy and sell their excess electricity. The secondary electricity market will operate with AVALO Coins to empower users to purchase or sell their electricity generated with renewable energy.

AVALO-energy Solution

Within the AVALO Box, users will have access to many features such as the ability to access a secondary electricity marketplace, find and share their power providing ability to others in their local area with a shared map interface, and more excitedly users will be able to mine and store their AVALO coins via the AVALO Box.

All and all, the AVALO-energy project presents a wonderfully developed solution to start a decentralized energy grid. The innovative approach to offer users an easily accessible and technologically equipped piece of hardware should pave the way for the network to expand.

With AVALO-energy consumers will not have to rely upon the centralized electrical networks which prove time and time again to fail during the most pivotal moments. Instead, uses of AVALO will be empowered through the decentralized network and the ability to generate their own electricity, store it easily and sell the excess to others in need.

Learn more about the future of decentralized electrical networks with AVALO-Energy.

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