Twitter CEO Calls Crypto Engineers and Designer Citing New SquareCrypto Project

Twitter CEO Calls Crypto Engineers and Designer Citing New SquareCrypto Project

Yes, you read it right – if you’re a passionate developer or a designer with cryptocurrency knowledge, you can work on Jack Dorsey’s yet another project ‘SquareCrypto’. On top of all, you can work from anywhere and get paid in Bitcoin.

Open Source Initiative SquareCrypto

On March 20, Twitter and Square CEO, Jack Dorsey posted sequential tweets concerning his upcoming move towards the cryptocurrency community. In his first tweet, Dorsey calls ‘#BitcoinTwitter & #CryptoTwitter’ and announced Square is staffing up 4 cryptocurrency engineers and 1 designer to contribute to an open-source bitcoin/crypto ecosystem called SquareCrypto.

Accordingly, Dorsey also revealed that eligible or selected designer and engineers will be directly reporting to him and will receive their payments in Bitcoin. As such, upon hiring, these new enthusiasts can work from anywhere as a full-time employee for SquareCrypto and consequently contributing to improving the Bitcoin and cryptocurrency ecosystem.

Dorsey has long been a bitcoin proponent. Nevertheless, his recent statement that he owns enough Bitcoins cannot go unnoticed. In one such consist Tweet post, Dorsey claimed;

I love this technology and community. I’ve found it to be deeply principled, purpose-driven, edgy, and…really weird. Just like the early internet! I’m excited to get to learn more directly.

As per Dorsey, his move of hiring new folks for SquareCrypto comes after the discussion with Mike Brock, strategic development lead at Square. Reportedly, Mike’s answer to Jack on ‘what is the most impactful thing we could do the bitcoin community?’ impressed him and pushed him forward to hire new members to work on this new project. As a response, Mike said;

pay people to make the broader crypto ecosystem better.

Square has already had many projects earlier but SquareCrypto is its first open source independent initiative as part of company’s objective. Accordingly, these new employees will specifically be tasked to enhance the cryptocurrency ecosystem at an individual and community level at large. However, they’re not supposed to work on Square’s commercial interest, Dorsey said.

To note, Square is already enabling folks to trade Bitcoins on its Cash App, a mobile payment platform. However, if you’re a talented engineer or a designer, you can directly message to SquareCrypto (twitter account of Square’s new project). As Dorsey noted;

Are you currently contributing to bitcoin-core or other crypto ecosystem projects for free in your off-time? We’d like to pay you to do it full-time. If interested, DM @SqCrypto, and follow for updates on our progress. Thank you!

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