Stellar Becoming a Preferential Network Choice while Liquidity Rising with Addition on Latoken & CoinGate

Published November 15, 2018 | Updated November 15, 2018


Stellar Becoming a Preferential Network Choice while Liquidity Rising with Addition on Latoken & CoinGate

The 5th largest cryptocurrency is in the red by 8% at $0.2339 while addition on Estonia-based crypto exchange, Latoken and payment gateway CoinGate raises its liquidity. Moreover, Stellar is increasingly being used by different projects, the last one being MobileCoin and mobile messaging service Kik.

5th Largest Cryptocurrency Stellar on the Move

Europe-based cryptocurrency exchange Latoken has announced support for the 5th largest cryptocurrency, Stellar (XLM). Less than 24 hours ago, the exchange made the official announcement on its website stating, “Stellar is a platform that connects banks, payments systems, and people. Integrate to move money quickly, reliably, and at almost no cost.”

It also listed Stellar-based token SureRemit (RMT) with trading pairs RMT/BTC, RMT/ETH, RMT/USDT, and RMT/LA.

The payment gateway, CoinGate that buy, sell, and accept cryptocurrencies has also added support for Stellar.

CoinGate took to Reddit to announce this, “We at CoinGate provide our merchants the way to accept major cryptocurrencies as a payment. So, recently we made a partnership with the exchange provider Changelly. Due to changes, Stellar community can now use XLM token and along other tokens as payment in e-commerce stores that uses the CoinGate payment gateway. So, if you ever stumble across one of our merchants, keep in mind that your XLM is always welcome there. Keep in mind that making payment with XLM is possible, if you spend more than $30.”


In another instance, MobileCoin is working with Stellar as it wants to add simplicity to privacy protection and further make it resilient against attacks.

Just yesterday, mobile messaging service Kik announced that is moving its Kin crypto platform from Ethereum to Stellar. Ted Livingston, CEO of Kik shared, “We’ve been using Ethereum to date, and to be honest I call it the dial-up era of blockchain.”

Moreover, the mission is to make Kin the most used cryptocurrency in the world as Livingstone shares on the release, “One Kin on one blockchain. That’s our vision, and our strategy continues evolving as we work toward building an infrastructure that supports this.”

At the time of writing, Stellar has been trading at $0.2339 while registering 24-hours losses of about 8 percent. Having replaced EOS from the 5th spot, this $4.4 billion market cap cryptocurrency is managing the daily trading volume of $114 million.

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