Private Sale Sells Out in Just 2 Days

By Sagar Saxena
Published April 12, 2019 Updated April 17, 2019
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Wallet Private Sale Sells Out in Just 2 Days

By Sagar Saxena
Published April 12, 2019 Updated April 17, 2019

A feeling of excitement is starting to return to crypto, after 2018’s lull. With Bitcoin breaking past $5k and many charts trending positively, there’s a lot to be optimistic about.


This feeling of optimism is spilling over into new projects, too. New exchange and social trading platform, set to launch their platform in June this year, recently sold out their private sale offering in just two days. The private sale is to be followed by official pre-sale in April, and the main crowdsale in May. Judging from the interest garnered so far, these may not last the entire allotted period.

Take a look at what this new exchange brings to the table, and why Streamex is something worth getting excited about.

What Is Streamex?

Streamex is both a powerful crypto exchange and a “social trading” platform that promises to deliver increased engagement in crypto trading.

The exchange offers everything high-level traders need out of their trading platform. It comes with a high-frequency matching engine, capable of matching 5,500,000 – 6,600,000 orders per second. The user interface is flexible and intuitive, offering multiple advanced chart layouts and trade alerts for users. A native mobile app – the Streamfolio app – is another way for traders to stay active and in touch with market movements.

Margin trading and binary options are offered, and the exchange is backed by 24-hour support and the latest security framework. It will also feature a USD/EUR fiat gateway from day one of the exchange’s release. This is a big step in encouraging new money to enter crypto.

On the other side of the coin are several features that set Streamex apart from other exchanges in the market. Social trading and community trading pools.

  • Social trading:

Traders on Streamex can create a profile, putting their trading results against one another on the platform’s trading hall of fame. Other users can follow top traders, gaining insights and alerts on their trading behavior. Traders can also take part in regular competitions, and earn prizes for quarterly and yearly positions on the exchange leaderboard.

  • Community trading pools:

No more contributing to shady pools which are likely to run away with your money. Streamex introduces trading pools run by verified, trusted traders. Users who lack the time or experience to consistently make trades themselves can buy shares in a trading pool, which master traders manage.

Both of these revolutionary features make Streamex a new kind of trading experience. Both incentivizing new traders to jump into crypto, and offering new revenue streams for traders who know the markets inside and out.

Top Investors are Taking Notice of Streamex

The 50,000,000 STE tokens offered in private sale sold out within two days, which tells you excitement for this project is running high with top private investors.

People are starting to grasp the value of exchange tokens. Tokens that have their value tied to actual use cases, such as activity on an exchange, have a much higher chance of rising in value than coins tied to implied future uses.

Binance Coin has been on a huge rise in 2019, and similar tokens such as Huobi Token and KuCoin Shares are following a similar positive trend. The STE token, the native token of the Streamex exchange, is looking to be the next high-ROI exchange token to hit the market. STE token holders over a certain threshold are allowed zero-fee trading on the exchange, which ensures the token is going to be in high demand.

The Streamex exchange is set to launch June 1st. The whitelist is open and has been met with incredibly high demand, similar to that of the private sale. Demand for tokens so far is high, which reflects the unique value proposition of Streamex’s exchange, and the high ROI potential of the STE token on the back of this.

Find out more about the project on their official site, or by reading the whitepaper.

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