Subscription Management Solution Revuto Selects Two Leading CEXs For Cardano-Native REVU Token Listing

By Casper Brown
January 4, 2022 Updated January 4, 2022
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The subscription-based business model has been growing exponentially over the last few years. As more and more mainstream businesses pivot from one-time fee models to the subscription model, the need for end-to-end subscription management solutions is at an all-time high.

Revuto recently launched the first dApp on the Cardano blockchain to cater to this need, offering users an end-to-end solution to manage and pay for their subscriptions using cryptocurrency. This unique solution gives users more control over their subscriptions and obliterates the unwanted complications of managing multiple subscriptions across different platforms.

As part of its mission to bring crypto mainstream while solving real-world problems, the Revuto team has announced the listing of its REVU token on two major centralized exchanges. Per the official announcement, the REVU token will join and KuCoin on January 7th, 2022. This marks the first instance where a Cardano-native asset will synchronously list across two leading CEXs.

On this significant milestone for the Revuto team and the Cardano community, Vedran Vukman, CEO and Co-founder of Revuto, states, “We are proud to make history again with REVU, after being the first ICO, publishing the 1st Cardano lite wallet and breaking records with our growth – we are now the first to list on tier 1 CEXs, KuCoin and The process included multiple legal openings for our utility token, from top legal firms including both US and EU legislations, with audits being in process and led by the global leader blockchain security.” 

Ushering In A New Era Of Subscription Management

Revuto’s flagship product, the Revuto dApp, is the first decentralized application built on the third-gen Cardano blockchain. The dApp enables users to manage all of their active

subscriptions from a single dashboard while helping save money by allowing users to approve, block, and snooze subscriptions as and when needed.

Additionally, the Revuto dApp also expands its services to include DeFi primitives. Other than paying their subscriptions through the dApp, users will also have the opportunity to earn additional yields, rewards, and cash back. All Revuto dApp users can pay for their subscriptions using the REVU tokens or stake their REVU holdings to generate passive yields, positioning the Revuto dApp as a go-to destination for both subscription management and decentralized finance opportunities.

With the unprecedented growth of the subscription economy, Revuto has positioned itself as the much-needed solution that harnesses the power of Cardano’s blockchain technology to solve the real-world problem of subscription management. The platform has witnessed exceptional growth in 2021, securing the award for the fastest-growing consumer product at the 2021 World Blockchain Summit in Dubai.

Underlining his vision for the platform, Revuto’s Vukman adds, “Our ethos is to work only with the best; to ensure our customers and investors enjoy the best products and returns. It may take longer, and is often the more difficult way – but it’s the right way to build long-term value.”

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