SwC Poker – A True Bitcoin Only Poker Game

Published March 1, 2019 | Updated June 14, 2019

SwC Poker – A True Bitcoin Only Poker Game

While cryptos are still trying to find their feet in other industries, the online gambling industry has accepted the new form of “money” with both hands. This has led to a lot of existing and upcoming gambling websites introducing cryptocurrencies as a deposit/withdrawal method, with only some tokenizing completely. This is where SwC Poker stands out as it offers poker fans an enriching online poker experience – but with “No Banking, Only Bitcoin.”

SwC Poker Summary

SwC Poker is a pure Bitcoin poker site that launched in March 2015 after SealsWithClubs ethically shut down. Usernames and krill amounts were preserved. The ethos of the new site was similar to the old, with emphasis on anonymous accounts, low rake, and fast cashouts. An internet-based organization with geographically distributed servers and employees, SwC Poker is slowly gaining popularity after their November 2018 “Bitcoin Poker 3.0” relaunch. Since the upgraded software went live, players have enjoyed a stable online poker experience across 4 client versions: Windows, Mac, Android, and HTML5. SwC Poker accepts players worldwide, including US players in all states.

New Software: Say Hello to Bitcoin Poker 3.0

Because the previous versions of the game didn’t offer players the stable, premium online poker experience they demanded, the SwC team decided to revamp the entire platform and name the new version “Bitcoin Poker 3.0.” Bitcoin poker on SwC can now be played by downloading native apps for Android, Mac, and Windows, or it can be played in the browser on the HTML5 client, giving players a quick and easy way to get started. While playing the game in the browser takes away the hassle of downloading, the client download allows user to get great multi-table management in tile or cascading layouts. While the PC and MAC interfaces are pretty clean allowing serious players to play multiple tables, its Android app design enables an on-the-move experience.


To provide an anonymous experience, the registration for a SwC Poker account is quick and easy. It does not ask for any personal information for the registration process thus allowing online gamblers the chance to enjoy playing without revealing their identities. Only an email address is required to sign up.

Rake and Range of Tables

SwC Poker has the lowest rake in the industry, made possible by only using Bitcoin, thus not incurring any banking fees, which can be in upwards of 30% on each deposit for fiat-based online poker sites. Currently, SwC Poker has a rake of 0%-2.5% of cash games with a low cap and 2%-5% for tourneys with a chance of 50% Rakeback via its Krill loyalty programme. This “Unfairly cheap” rake makes the deal offered at SwC unmatched anywhere in the online poker space. 


While the rakes are low, it does not diminish the gaming experience as the site provides a complete range of game types which include:

  • Hold’em: No limit, fixed limit, and pot limit.
  • Pot limit Omaha: High/low, 5 cards and 5 card high/low.
  • Stud: Fixed limit.
  • Chinese Poker, including OFC and OFC 2-7.
  • Draw: Fixed limit.
  • Short Deck: No limit.
  • Mixed: HORSE, 8-Game, 11-Game, and Lowball.

Tournaments, 24/7 Freerolls, & Bad Beat Jackpot Introduced

The site strives to provide player-friendly features and promotions. It recently introduced The Bad Beat Jackpot which is no-limit hold’em cash game tables that build a jackpot fund without charging any additional rake above the normal amount. The qualification to hit the BBJ at SwC Poker is aces full of tens or better beat, with both players using both hole cards. This makes for frequent BBJ hits, on average 1 in every 50,000 hands.

For tournament players, the BIG BTC is the flagship tournament of the site and there are often free or cheap ways to gain entry. If one checks the tournament lobby they will find all the different ways to get in. 10,000 chips or 0.01 bitcoin is the buy-in, and the prize pool starts at 1,000,000 chips or 1 bitcoin.

The site also provides Freeroll tournaments which run 24/7/365. There is always a freeroll in late registration or underactive registration within 30 minutes of starting, so new players can test the software without making a deposit or simply play for free whenever they want. When a freeroll player wins a small number of chips, they then have a buy-in for the “No rake micro stakes” tables that take 0 rakes. These microclimate tables offer the lowest limit players of the site a fantastic environment to test strategies or to play poker with barely any risk. A main goal of SwC is to create a healthy poker economy from the lowest to the highest stakes. 

Privacy, customer service, and security

While the site works in complete anonymity, the site does offer two-factor authentication for important account actions like logging in or withdrawing funds. Apart from this when it comes to securing bitcoins,  SwC employs a system that separates funds of all players in several wallets with varying accessibility. Players are also guaranteed that they will not be cheated by their opponents. The Bitcoin Poker 3.0 upgrade comes with improved collision detection tools.

For Customer care, the site has deployed Email is the official support channel but users can get basic help in the site-wide chatbox and Twitter. The speed of replies is usually a few hours and accuracy is near perfect.


Being Bitcoin-Only, SwC poker provides a wonderful and at the same time professional crypto poker experience. Its trinity of strong software, low rakes and being the biggest Bitcoin poker site makes it one of the best in the industry.


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Passionate about Blockchain and has been researching and writing about the Blockchain technology for over a year now. Also holds expertise in digital marketing. follow me on twitter at @sagar2803 or reach out to him at sagar[at]coingape.com
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