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Non-fungible tokens and their application for artists have opened the avenue for artists, programmers, and developers alike. NFTs allow anyone to create a self-perpetuating lucrative community that thrives on the engagement and pro-action of members.

The Boss Cat Rocket Club is a finite supply of 9,999 algorithmically generated space-bound cats, available as NFTs on the Cardano blockchain. The project was created by Blue Magic (BAYC #4064), a member of the BAYC community. While most NFT projects are on the Ethereum blockchain, Boss Cat Rocket Club has decided to use the Cardano Blockchain to avoid the massively inflated gas fees on Ethereum.

How did The Boss Cat Rocket Club begin? 

The first Boss Cat NFT was launched back on 12/17/2021, signaling the start of the Boss Cat Rocket Club. Since then, the project has diversified to launch three other NFT collections: Boss Cat Rocket Parts, Boss Planet Real Estate and Boss Planet Vox Cats. Three of the four projects launched have ranked in the top 10 for all-time transaction volume among the Cardano NFT collections and no doubt Vox Cats collections will get there eventually.

Since it has been minted, the Boss Cat Rocket Club has increased to around 1200 ADA – 1500 ADA from 20 ADA, a massive, eye-opening surge in the eyes of investors. Similarly, the value of Rocket Parts has surged from a meager 35 ADA to 1700 ADA. This is also evidence of the massive degree of support that the project received over the past three months, with BCRC recording 76000 members, the highest compared to any other NFT project on the Cardano blockchain.

Celebrity endorsements for BCRC

The Boss Cat Rocket Club has become the first CNFT project to be endorsed by renowned celebrities. Popular names include NBA legend Baron Davis, Boxing legend Manny Pacquiao, Eric Bobo from Cypress Hill, DJ / Producer Hook N Sling, Rapper Style P, and others. As a mark of support, they have all changed their social media profile pictures and replaced them with a picture of their Boss Cat. BCRC also has NBA legend Baron Davis as the celebrity face of the project, making it one of the first NFT projects on the Cardano blockchain to have an All-Star NBA player as an official Brand Ambassador.  According to the team, all the influencers are committed to building their own play to earn, metaverse experience inside Boss Planet.

Exploring the Metaverse with Boss Planet – Latest Developments

The Metaverse is referred to as an interconnected network of virtual worlds. It functions as an extension of reality which is populated by user-controlled avatars, NPCs, interactive digital objects, and environments. It is mainly focused on social connections, entertainment, fostering content creation and gaming.

Boss Planet is the project’s very own metaverse which is a VOXEL-based, play-to-earn infinite social gaming experience. It allows individuals to build and create anything that they wish, with 129,600 distinct parcels of land available. Participants can roam free across Boss Planet, attend concerts, visit other users’ penthouses and hangout with their favorite celebrities.

In Boss Plant, anyone can build a home, game, or any other virtual project that they always wanted.  The Vox Cats collections that were airdropped to original NFT holders will be the in-game avatar which will provide players with special in-game perks and abilities, such as more starting energy and the ability to fly for those lucky enough to come with a jetpack!

BCRC has scheduled the launch of the Boss Planet Token later this year. It will be the ubiquitous currency for all transactions executed on the Metaverse. The Boss Planet token will ensure longevity and stability for the Boss Planet economy through gradual distribution and a sustainable model of token economics. BCRC is hoping that the token will transcend Boss Planet utility shortly.

Land acquisition at Boss Planet

At Boss Planet, BCRC holders have 129,600 parcels of land available, each with a property size of 100m x 100m. The world consists of 9 districts that have different levels of availability and zoning classifications. A specialized area of interest is featured at the center of each district, which is described in brief below.

  • A district for sports and other competitive activities which also features the official Boss Planet Race Track.
  • A hotel district in which players can stay for the night and regain their energy.
  • An entertainment center with nightclubs, bars, and cinemas.
  • A central business district that facilitates the development of DeFi, token exchanges, and legal and financial matters.
  • A luxurious residential district filled with designer condos, glamorous mansions, and luxurious villas.
  • A music hub where players can enjoy metaverse concerts and interact with their favorite celebrities.

The Boss Cat Rocket Club – Daily Token Reward

As pointed out by the official website, the daily token reward for Boss Cat Rocket Club has been accumulating as of December 18th, 2021 while the token rewards for Boss Cat Rocket Parts have been accumulating as of January 3rd, 2022. The team behind the Boss Cat Rocket Club has decided to properly calibrate the token economics to make sure that the most loyal holders can maximize benefits. The first harvest date is December 18th, 2022.

As more and more NFT projects spring up, the chances of getting noticed by the wider community are also shrinking. Thus it is up to what each project provides that can grab the attention of investors. The Boss Cat Rocket Club has quickly grabbed the title of becoming one of Cardano’s greatest projects. With more participation from the NFT community, the future seems bright for this project.

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