The leader of MetaYoka GameFi Eco Free to Earn

By Stan Peterson
Published December 31, 2021 Updated January 4, 2022

The leader of MetaYoka GameFi Eco Free to Earn

By Stan Peterson
Published December 31, 2021 Updated January 4, 2022

Meta Yoka is a NFT pet development SLG game that integrates combat, adventure, and collection released on the Binance Smart Chain. In the virtual adventure world of Meta Yoka, players can breed all kinds of cute Yoka and fight side by side with them. Players can get more rewards through the guardian planet and planet exploration system in the game.

 Game Features:

  1. MetaYoka is the first game in the GameFi ecosystem to evolve from Play to Earn to Free to Earn.
  2. MetaYoka currently has 4 game modes, Yoka Expedition, Guard the planet, Arena Battle, Adventure
  3. Collect

The amazing Yoka with a unique personality. All Yokas can become legends, possessing rich attributes and skills. Unlock the Yoka story and uncover the gripping legend.

  1. Build Yoka homeland!

Ayton, the Yoka homeland, is divided into tokenized plots of land which act as homes and bases of operation for their Yoka’s.


YOKA releases 30 characters in the first phase, so the images are all drawn by excellent animation original artists. YOKA has 6 professions, each with its own characteristics. In PVE and PVP, each profession restrains each other and plays its own role in the battle.

Security audit

MetaYoka attaches great importance to security issues, the contract code has passed the security audit, and has produced a security audit report, which can be viewed on the official website.

Economic Model

MetaYoka adopts a dual-token economic model. The two tokens, $YOC and $SPICE, are perfectly connected through the game mechanism, forming a positive cycle internally, and external interaction forming a deflation mechanism.

Yoka COIN ($YOC) is Meta Yoka’s BEP-20 governance token. If $YOC holders pledge their tokens, play games, and participate in key governance votes, they will be rewarded. Some key points in the game require payment of $YOC. Players can also play various games in Meta Yoka and earn $YOC through user-generated content plans.

$SPICE is the circulation token of Meta Yoka, and operations such as upgrades and adventures will consume $SPICE. You can earn $SPICE through planetary expeditions and planet guarding.

The SPICE paid by users in the game will be mainly used for burning or treasury, and will be rewarded to users through activities and tasks in the future.

Road map

GameFi, the game is very important, DeFi is auxiliary, so we must first create more fun games, in line with the DeFi economic model, to attract more players.

In the future plan, in the first version, we will attract more gamers through a perfect game experience. Our goal is to reach 10,000 active users. After 3 months, our active players will reach 100,000.

In the second version, we will bring the game into the world of the metaverse, open the Land mode and conduct land auctions, so that YOKA will truly enter the metaverse, era. At the same time, we will introduce more open gameplay and let more players and developers. Participate in the preliminary improvement of MetaYoka.

Finally, we will start the road of DAO community governance, using the DAO operating mechanism to completely communityize MetaYoka, and finally all players will have real ownership and benefits.


Yoka Expedition

Guard the planet

Yoka Level

Yoka Star

Daily Mission

Smart Contract audit report


Skill function

Leaderboards and rewards

Item function


Yoka Horde

Arena Battle

Season Mission

Ultimate Adventure


Horde Wars

Professional skills

Land auction


Yoka Land

Genesis NFT Launch

MetaYoka Genesis NFT will be launched on January 21, YOKA/40BUSD, with a limited launch of 30,000.

A whitelist booking event will be held before the launch of NFT, and players who book in advance will get discounts.


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