This Week in Cryptos: Craig Wright’s Satoshi Claim While eToro Launches Crypto Exchange

Cryptocurrency news
Cryptocurrency news

This Week in Cryptos: Craig Wright’s Satoshi Claim While eToro Launches Crypto Exchange

Key highlights

  • Etoro Launches Crypto Exchange
  • BSV sinks as the crypto world stands united against Craig Wright
  • Coinbase adds 11 new countries
  • Rakuten Launches exchange
  • EY Launches Nightfall Software
  • Gemini adds Full Segwit support

Etoro Launches Crypto Exchange

Earlier this week, the popular eToro retail platform announced the launch of its new cryptocurrency exchange. Branded as eToroX, this new exchange will allow users to trade in currency pairs to buy several different cryptocurrencies. Traders that use the Gibraltar-based exchange will have access to eight stablecoins, all of which were created by eToro. Amongst these is the Swiss Franc and US Dollar. The new cryptocurrency exchange will also enable users to buy six of the more popular cryptocurrencies, which includes, RIpple, Ethereum, Dash and of course, Bitcoin.

BSV sinks as the crypto world stands united against Craig Wright

Craig Wright’s claim of being Satoshi has backfired this time a bunch of exchanges delisted BSV as a sign of protest against the bulliness of Wright. The domino effect began with Binance, following which Shapeshift’s CEO Erik Voorhees announced that BSV would be delisted from their services, followed by a Kraken pool hinting at delisting and pulling the trigger less than a day later.

Coinbase adds 11 new countries

This week, Coinbase expanded its wings to newer territories. The exchange now added crypto-to-crypto trading support for 11 more countries, bumping up their supported countries to 53. The newly supported countries include India, New Zealand, South Korea, Hong Kong, Mexico, Peru, Chile, Argentina, Columbia, Indonesia, and the Philippines. The team stated in the blog post that crypto-to-crypto trading was increasing in popularity and that it is a part of Coinbase’s vision to create an open financial system.

Rakuten Launches exchange

A new addition to the cryptocurrency exchange industry. Rakuten began accepting applications for accounts for its anticipated cryptocurrency exchange called “Rakuten Wallet” The company announced that pre-registration is available for customers with Rakuten Bank, but further details as to whether the service will be available for everyone has not yet been revealed.

EY Launches Nightfall Software

Some big announcement came out of EY Global Blockchain Summit. The blockchain team of E&Y announced their forthcoming publication to the public domain of Nightfall — a zero-knowledge proof (ZKP) private transaction protocol aimed at helping enterprises leverage the public Ethereum network.

Gemini adds Full Segwit support

Gemini, the Winklevoss brothers-backed crypto exchange, has announced the addition of full support for Segregated Witness (SegWit) support to its wallet platform. The exchange also outlined that its decision to integrate SegWit was taken to increase the block space and security of its infrastructure. Gemini is not the first crypto platform to adopt SegWit. However, no other company of its scale has added full SegWit support before.

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