Sitting in front of your desktop and staring at 10-15 tabs looking for updates in the Crypto space and still feeling like you haven’t covered it all. I am sure you can relate to this situation.

Every day, there is so much going on in the Crypto space that it has become almost impossible to cover them all.

But what if you could get all prominent News channel’s updates in a single tab? That is when the Crypto News aggregators come into the picture.

In this article, We will cover a few of them who are aiding the Crypto space in their own unique way!

1. Cryptopanic

Cryptopanic is an easy-to-use and very interesting platform. On the right, there is the column that tells you the 1hr/24hr/7days status of the Crypto market. You can like, dislike the news and even mark the news as ‘Bullish’ or ‘bearish’  if you think the particular news will affect the market.

You can make your own portfolio and track it accordingly. Its aggregates the news from several news sources and even cover the subreddits of various coins.

If you want an Interactive yet an easy to use the platform, then you should definitely bookmark Cryptopanic, one of the trusted crypto news aggregators !


A breaking news aggregator like CryptoControl means you never have to jump on multiple news sites to consume news about different topics and categories. It classifies news on the basis of topics such as Blockchain, General, Analysis, Bitcoin, etc. You can also sort the news on the basis of languages and coins with support for more than 10 languages and 2000+ coins.

CryptoControl is not just a news platform, but also offers data points that help keep track of multiple cryptocurrencies. One of its most used tools is the crypto news heatmap which lets you screen the crypto news landscape in a dynamic more visualized manner. Have a look at it here(

3. CryptoViral

CryptoViral is a crypto news aggregator platform that provides its users with the crypto-related news from around the world gathered from the most trustworthy news sources in one space. The platform also allows its users to get notified in real-time about all the latest updates via email.

As a coin news stage, it also allows every user on its platform the right to vote Bullish, Bearish, or even flag FUD content displayed. A unique feature held by the crypto news aggregator platform is that it permits its users to add and track an altcoin of their choice on the platform.
CryptoViral has a special space on its webpage that has been exclusively dedicated to the latest crypto updates from social media platforms of Twitter and Reddit. Overall, CryptoViral serves as an excellent space for crypto enthusiasts and serious crypto traders looking for a true crypto news aggregator.

4. Coinspectator 

CoinSpectator is a free cryptocurrency news aggregator that enables traders, investors, and enthusiasts to monitor thousands of industry news sources in real-time. It aggregates news from several tops news sources, blogs, discussion forums which you can like or dislike. It also covers the upcoming, ongoing ICOs so that you don’t miss out on your favorite ICO.

Overall, a very neat platform filled with loads of features. You would definitely want to bookmark this website!

5. is a user-friendly crypto news aggregator with a clean design and simple intuitive interface: just a neat crypto news feed from reliable sources selected manually. Choose the sources you like from the list. And no advertising on the site! In addition, the Media section includes articles on the basics for beginners, timely coverage of the latest events, and in-depth analytics.

You can switch the theme from light to dark, and check the current rate of top cryptocurrencies on the right side of the screen. The most important information is always right before your eyes, which is very convenient. The team has big development plans, and they are already working on new site features.


6. Eveningstar

Eveningstar aggregates the news from the top news sources. You can filter the news according to the keyword/coin or by the news source. It has a unique feature called ‘heatmap’ which basically tells you the status of the Crypto market. It also lets you maintain your own portfolio and track it. It even lets you track the upcoming Events around the Crypto space. Overall, an easy to use platform with loads of features and filters.

7. Cryptopys:

Cryptopys is a very simple and user-friendly interface, allowing you to find the latest crypto news and track your favorite coins seamlessly. The aggregator, which brings you top stories from over 100 publications, is also available in 18 languages.

You can even keep a track of your favorite coins on this platform.


Gocharting is for those who loves playing with the charts and likes to stay updated with the Crypto space at the same time!GoCharting is a real-time advanced charting and trading platform that leverages analytics to provide tools necessary to make sound trading decisions. They have a comprehensive coverage of the cryptocurrency market spanning more than 100+ crypto exchanges and 22,000 crypto pairs tracking.