Anonymity Remains Key for Bitcoin Users as Tor Network Tops in Number of Public BTC Nodes


Anonymity Remains Key for Bitcoin Users as Tor Network Tops in Number of Public BTC Nodes

  • Tor Network tops the list of most public Bitcoin nodes boosting to almost 15% as of 5th Feb, 2019.
  • BTCPayServer, Samurai Wallet, Dojo, and Nodl It some of the most active in promoting Tor Network integration.

According to data collected on BitNodes, Tor Network leads in the number of publicly visible nodes on the Bitcoin Network. The privacy based network dominates the number of nodes in this aspect with 1563 nodes registered on the network, representing 14.67% of the total publicly visible nodes.

Hetzner Online GmbH 1047 (9.83%),, Inc. 792 (7.44%), DigitalOcean, LLC. 715 (6.71%) and OVH SAS 518 nodes (4.86%) completes the top five list.

Image: Bitnodes

The total public visible nodes across the Bitcoin network stands at 10,561 nodes spread across five continents and 99 countries across the globe. The United States dominates the field with over a fifth of the total nodes situated in the country – 21.67% as at time of writing. Germany (17.34%), France, Netherlands and Singapore completes the top five countries with the most publicly visible nodes.

Source: BitNodes

However there is a large number of nodes not registered under any country. The figure recorded for countries is however not accurate given the extensive use of Virtual Private Networks (VPNs).

A common goal towards Bitcoin adoption

Bitcoin hails as the most decentralized cryptocurrency and its power does not derive from only being the first cryptocurrency but the collective efforts by the community. The rise to the top by Tor Network, saw a number of teams develop solutions to increase adoption.

BTCPayServer has been one of the largest contributors to Tor Network rise to the top. Here is a list of some of the top contributors.

Bitcoin (BTC) price has traded sideways in the past few days since crossing above the $9,000 USD at the end of January to currently change hands at $9,450 USD across major crypto exchanges.

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