Transform into the crypto-to-fiat payment conversion by Lycan Pay

By Stan Peterson
Published January 7, 2022 Updated January 7, 2022

Transform into the crypto-to-fiat payment conversion by Lycan Pay

By Stan Peterson
Published January 7, 2022 Updated January 7, 2022

As cryptocurrencies go mainstream, the requirement to find a way that allows crypto payment using fiat currencies is evident. The process of converting fiat into crypto before making day-to-day transactions is a costly and tedious process. This requirement gave birth to crypto-to-fiat payment gateways. 

Crypto-to-Fiat payment gateways are dependable and cost-effective solutions that provide businesses and individuals the facility to accept and transfer digital asset transactions. 

What are Crypto-to-Fiat Payment Gateways?

A crypto-to-fiat payment gateway is a protocol that allows users to pay and receive digital assets using their fiat or digital assets without the hassle of converting them before. Using these gateways, people can accept digital assets as payment and withdraw fiat instead and vice versa. 

A crypto-to-fiat payment gateway is a vital step for the cryptocurrency ecosystem to promote mass crypto adoption as fiat currencies are still important in today’s world. Moreover, a good crypto-to-fiat payment gateway has several advantages:

  • It can promote the use of cryptocurrencies to merchants with a global customer base.
  • There are no middlemen such as banks.
  • Cryptocurrencies transactions are secure and global. 
  • Cryptocurrencies payments can be conducted 24/7 and are not blocked by the rigidity of the financial institutions.

These advantages make a crypto-to-fiat payment gateway an excellent and necessary addition to the crypto space. Several DeFi projects have adopted the crypto-to-fiat payment gateway, such as the Werewolf Protocol, a combination of mythology and decentralized finance. 

Lycan Pay – The Werewolf Protocol

Lycan Pay is a fast crypto-to-fiat payment conversion gateway that offers high security against price volatility. It is a robust product by the Werewolf Protocol, an exciting DeFi ecosystem with a variety of decentralized applications such as Decentralized Exchange, Staking, Decentralized Asset Marketplace (NFTs and Werewolf Assets), NFT and Metaverse Gaming, etc. 

Lycan Pay has high compatibility with the majority of eCommerce CMS platforms across high-value markets of Europe, Asia and Africa. The advantages of Lycan Pay include:

  • Custom SDK For Ecommerce
  • Decentralized Payment Gateway
  • Fiat Payment on Crypto Transactions
  • Highest Return on Staking – Up to 1% for LPs.
  • Account Management

The Werewolf Protocol takes an exciting approach of mythology to offer decentralized finance-based apps. The entire ecosystem portrays the prowess of werewolves, and Lycan Pay is an excellent fiat-to-crypto payment gateway. 

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