Tron Acquired BitTorrent’s Web Version Coming Soon while uTorrent Web Exceeds 1 Million Daily Active Users

Tron acquired BitTorrent that has millions of monthly users announces that its web version is coming soon while uTorrent has surpassed 1 million active monthly users. Meanwhile, TRX integration into BitTorrent via Project Atlas will bring an increase in TRX adoption.


BitTorrent making constant development

Earlier in June, this year, the founder and CEO of Tron, Justin Sun acquired BitTorrent, a popular file sharing platform and its 100 million active monthly users. Now, BitTorrent is announcing the growth of its uTorrent web having to exceed 1 million daily active users.

The official announcement on Twitter reads,

“Proud to announce that our Web-based torrent #streaming client, µTorrent Web, surpassed 1,000,000 daily active users.”

Justin Sun also took to Twitter to share the news and excitement:


“µTorrent Web already surpassed 1,000,000 daily active users! This new product officially launched a month ago offers a #streaming and torrenting experience.”

“Mac version in the works, stay tuned,” further adds Sun.

BitTorrent is certainly making developments as it crosses the 1 million daily active users’ mark. Moreover, the web version of BitTorrent is also coming as the company shares,

“If you’re waiting for a BitTorrent Web, rest assured that it’s coming soon!”

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Project atlas: TRX adoption explosion coming

According to Sun, “#ProjectAtlas hopes to reinstate the value in P2P file sharing by promoting democracy, openness, and the exchange of ideas and content through a decentralized network.”

With the goal to connect all content creators with their users directly by eliminating the third parties, Project Atlas will now allow the peers to send TRX tokens for utilizing the features and services of the platform. For instance, seeding downloads and faster downloading speed will be paid with TRX tokens.

By integrating TRX into BitTorrent that has millions of users through its Project Atlas, Tron is fostering TRX adoption.

At the time of writing, at 13th position, Tron (TRX) is in the green by over 3 percent while trading at $0.0226.