TRON Adoption Grows as Refereum Deploys TRX and BTT Streaming Rewards

Published April 3, 2020 | Updated April 3, 2020

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TRON Adoption Grows as Refereum Deploys TRX and BTT Streaming Rewards

The TRON juggernaut is showing no signs of hitting the brakes following another industry partnership, this time with gaming rewards platform Refereum. Excluding Binance, TRON is responsible for the busiest crypto ecosystem in the industry, having racked up a dizzying array of mergers, acquisitions and partnerships. TRX and BTT are now integrated into Refereum’s rewards that users can earn for watching their favorite video game streamers.

There are signs that TRON’s expansion into the gaming and broader entertainment industry is starting to bear fruit. BitTorrent usage is up 30% in a month, with 2.1 million users having installed the Windows BitTorrent client. The TRON Foundation has also been thriving, introducing its own Maker DAO-style stablecoin called Djed. The integration of TRX and BTT into Refereum further extends the reach of the TRON network and bolsters its ecosystem of products.

TRON’s Entertainment Grab Yields Dividends

While Ethereum has planted its flag firmly within defi, TRON has established itself as the home of consumer entertainment. This has primarily meant gaming, gambling, and video streaming, all powered by crypto tokens. That tokenization is the most effective means of facilitating micropayments and administering in-game rewards is not a revelation. The way in which TRON has gone about building its empire of consumer-facing platforms, however, has given even its cynics pause for thought.

TRON’s integration with Refereum follows DLive forging a similar partnership back in November that saw users of both platforms offered crypto rewards for consuming video game content. The addition of TRX and BTT gives Refereum users access to highly liquid crypto assets, whose value is relatively stable, and which can be converted to fiat with relative ease. In turn, it extends TRON’s ecosystem while further increasing synergies between DLive, which TRON bought late last year, and Refereum.

When Life Hands You Lemons, Watch Video

Lemons are the native tokens within the DLive platform, used to reward streamers and their fans. They have a fixed value within DLive, and can be earned for performing various tasks. As a result of TRON’s partnership with Refereum, $1,000 in RFR tokens and game codes to be redeemed on Steam are being given away along with 1,000 Lemons on DLive for the first 100 content creators that create a Refereum Hub.

The integration of projects such spanning streaming, gaming, and torrenting creates a thriving hub of communities whose native currencies can be interchanged. Crypto is still waiting for its killer app, but in the meantime, crypto-powered platforms are solving real world problems, even if those problems are as benign as “How can I earn rewards for doing the things I love?” Video game streaming might be one of the most compelling applications for crypto yet.


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