Tron Dapp Spends On Rise, Reaches $102.4 a Day Surpassing Traditional Non-Dapp Games Spends


Tron Dapp Spends On Rise, Reaches $102.4 a Day Surpassing Traditional Non-Dapp Games Spends

Key Highlights:

  • Tron dapp ecosystem surges with 10 new dapp addition
  • This week, dapp’s weekly growth rate was reported at 5.9%
  • The average daily spend on Tron dapp’s was USD 102.4

Its been not long when the world got introduced to Dapp. First Ethereum and now Tron has given them strong platforms to flourish. The rise of these Tron Dapps has been so great that according to the recent report by Tron the user spends on Tron Dapps has reached USD 102.4 a day which stands much higher the user spends on traditional Non-Dapp game.

Tron Ecosystem Just Getting Stronger With New Tron Dapp’s Addition

According to the recent Tron Dapp Weekly report released by Tron Foundation, the Tron’s ecosystem saw an addition of 10 new Dapp’s in the week between 23rd February and 1st March 2019. The weekly growth rate of new Dapp’s was reported at 5.9%. The number of smart contracts had reached 448 which also saw a weekly growth rate of 5.9% which has been pretty steady over the week. The break-up category wise for these apps is as below

Tron Dapp
Source: Tron Dapp Weekly Report

Tron Userbase Remains Steady Between 40k to 50k but Spends Go up

Further data in the report speaks about the daily user base of Dapp’s which on an average fluctuated between 40000 and 50000 users in recent week with also was pretty much stable compared to previous weeks.

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While these numbers were encouraging the highlight of this report was that in the current Dapp ecosystem an average player spent USD 102.4 per day a number that was much higher than the total spend on traditional game app meaning Dapp players more likely to spend on these decentralized game pieces compared to the traditional centralized ones.

Development Agenda Now moves to Complex Tron Dapp Games

The data provided on the developers front was pretty encouraging as some Dapp developers have begun focusing specifically on gameplay and strategy of Dapps, trying to make a breakthrough in gameplay. The development agenda also has progressed and now includes some more complex games. Pokerbots is the first dapp that introduced this week.

With the kind of rise Dapp ecosystem is seeing, thanks to Tron, Dapps will surely have a huge role to play in shaping the future decentralized world. Whether it would be Tron or Ethereum or EOS, Dapp’s are going to rule the roast in years to come.

Will Tron lead the Dapp progression of the future? Do let us know your views on the same.

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