Tron Dapp Weekly Report: Tron’s Account Numbers Now Exceed More Than 2 Million


Tron Dapp Weekly Report: Tron’s Account Numbers Now Exceed More Than 2 Million

Yet another week passes and Tron Dapp ecosystem gets stronger and now is forming a healthy organic growth trend. According to the report released this week, the Tron’s Mainnet data shows that account numbers have now exceeded the 2 million mark with an increase of 12.9% over previous years.

Daily transaction in Dapp’s recorded at 940,000

According to the MainNet Data presented in the report, Tron’s account number now exceeds 2 million this week, and the 24- hour transaction number was around 2.4 million increased by 12.9% and 67% respectively compared with the previous month which is quite stellar, Not just the account numbers, the transaction numbers in Dapps have increased by manifolds and the number now  sits at 940000 accounting a growth for 39% of the total transactions.

The Dapp numbers also grow

As far as the Dapp’s are concerned, the data from suggests that Tron now has 187 Dapp ’s with more than 464 active smart contracts. This week, the category mix of these Dapp’s include 10 decentralized exchanges (DEX), 6 collectible games, 40 tool Dapps, and 4 candybox projects. There has been an increase in all categories compared to the previous week.

Tron Dapp weekly report


Tron Dapp weekly report

Tron Dapp UX: Lucky Slot Game Ascends to the Top

Lucky Slot Dapp game which the first fruit quiz game on the Tron dapp ecosystem. It uses the hard-coded smart contracts which ensure the fairness and security of the game. The lucky slot has a clean. The game has gleeful background music which adds to the overall gaming experience. There are 7 betting items and altogether has 24 slots on the gaming wheel. The best part about the game is that it’s super simple and the user gets glued to it pretty easily. The gameplay includes 3 parts

  1. Win TRX through betting and the quiz. Bet and the user gets GO tokens
  2. Pledge GO Tokens to join game mining. 70% of the platform’s revenue is used for used for mining rewards and daily dividends
  3. Referrals and invitations to friends get the user 10% of the friends mining rewards as a referral bonus.

Tron Dapp weekly report

Tron is really getting stronger with Dapp ecosystem and may soon challenge EOS which is dealing with its attacks and vulnerabilities. With developers favoring Tron doesn’t look enjoy stopping Tron would be easy.

Will Ethereum and EOS stop the Tron’s growth wheel? Let us know your views on the same.

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