TRON Hits Hard Fork Announcement – Aims To Upgrade 4 New Features

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TRON Hits Hard Fork Announcement – Aims To Upgrade 4 New Features

Announced recently by TRON founder Justin Sun, the Ninth largest cryptocurrencies, TRX will undergo hard fork on Feb 28, 2019. The hard fork will likely bring numerous new features to TRON’s blockchain platform.
However, the announcement goes as follows;

Per the Sun’s tweet, TRON’s 3.5 hard forks will bring features like;

  • Institution-ready multi-sig addresses.
  • Dynamic energy adjustments to real-time network performance
  • 50% performance improvement from the current state
  • Better virtual machine safety and events server for decentralized applications (dApps).

TRX is on the constant urge to race ahead than other cryptocurrencies. While it loses 10.93 percent of its value today – it’s quite interesting to watch out ‘how the new bulletins’ on hard fork will influence its market cap. In particular, the press time records TRX with average trading volume $1,593,410,608, valued for $0.023896 as on Feb 25, 2019.

Chart source: Coinmarketcap

However Sun announced hard fork on Feb 23, he elaborates its purpose and needs yesterday, on Feb 24, 2019. Particularly, the latest tweet of Sun revealed that TRON platform has received ‘rising demand’ from institutional investors such as hedge funds, financial institution, mainstream investors. He further revealed that they are all set to partner with BitGo cryptocurrency exchange.

To make clear ‘Muti Signature upgrade concerning the blockchain network with multiple authorizations to validate transactions – with this, TRON (TRX) would be one step ahead than Bitcoin cryptocurrency. The second potential feature ‘Dynamic energy’ would help TRON network enhance energy efficiency and quickly streamline the energy consumption. The third issue it focuses on is performance – and it is expected to upgrade 50 %, means that the upgrade would let TRON outperform even better than what it has achieved at present. Further, the final point aims at providing ‘custom built blockchain system’ by creating the virtual machine on its ecosystem.

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