Police Protect Staff As Scammed Investors Invade Tron’s Office, Justin Sun Reacts!

By Dare Shonubi
Published July 8, 2019 Updated July 8, 2019
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Police Protect Staff As Scammed Investors Invade Tron’s Office, Justin Sun Reacts!

By Dare Shonubi
Published July 8, 2019 Updated July 8, 2019

Report coming in from Twitter users Monday morning showed police protecting members of staff of the Beijing Tron office while angry mob tried to gain entrance. This is coming after a group of scammers who claimed to have been in a sure connection with the Tron Foundation scammed thousands of members of the TRON community, making way with a sum of TRX totaling around $30 million on Sunday.

The Actual Scam


Relating to the scam, a media promotion which promoted a certain TRX wallet and promised TRX holders a Return On Investments (ROI) of TRX on their TRX holdings, appeared to be fake. Many seemed to have believed in the scammers and therefore got carried away in the scheme as they feigned certain string attachments to Justin Sun, the founder of Tron himself. This caused the loss of valuable assets belonging to customers and some have shown their grievances in many ways. According to the report, a single mother committed suicide.

No Alert Came Soon!

In this highly astute event, victims pointed a finger of accusations at TRON founder, Justin Sun for not taking proper action in alerting the community of his non-involvement in the scheme as soon as possible. And although Justin later took to his Twitter handle to make this known, it was too late and in fact, a woman had taken her own life in the course.

Issues Evolving

Now, as more action relating to either or both the scam and Justin’s silence, brew, more investors who seem to have lost a fortune are coming up to show their motives and this time, more violently. Many such people are now trying to force their way into the Beijing office while the Chinese police are also present to make sure no damage of properties is done or life taken.

Chinese Regulations

China is one of those regions which are enacting laws to heavily regulate the use of cryptocurrencies in the region. And although the country is a major crypto market, more regulations are brought to the table of discussion every now and again. For Tron Foundation, this may spell doom to its operations and corresponding token market traction.

However, as the heat of the event gains more traction on Twitter, Tron founder, Justin Sun took to his Twitter handle to update the community about the ongoing controversy. Urging everyone to rest assured, he included that everything was fine and that the foundation was preparing for Bittorent Speed launch today.

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