TRON [TRX] Just Hit 10th Spot Amidst Justin Sun Yet to Reveal ‘Big Win’ on June 03

Tabassum Altcoin News PublishedJune 2, 2019 | ModifiedJune 2, 2019

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TRON [TRX] Just Hit 10th Spot Amidst Justin Sun Yet to Reveal ‘Big Win’ on June 03

Justin Sun who earlier challenged to bring his both crypto products; TRX and BTT, back to their spots by Q2 2019, has impressed his followers on June 02, 2019. In fact, he expected to reach the milestone of top 10 for TRX and top 30 for BTT by Q2 this year. As the second quarter already began, Sun’s both products began flourishing its trading volume.

Sun’s Treasure Tweet of Big Win

But this might not just be the reason behind soaring prices of TRX on June 02, Sun on May 31st broke out yet another puzzling tweet that hints his next Big Win to be revealed on June 03, 2019. In reality, Sun’s tweet on Sunday revealed that he has already accomplished what he secretly supposed to be but states that he will have this Big Reveal on June 03, i.e Monday.

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Nevertheless, As coingape reported, TRX was already on the 10th spot in late May but again slipped back to 12th spot. Moreover, he is playing with his mysterious tweets since May 26 when he pointed, ‘Something huge and amazing going about TRON and BitTorrent’.

Justin-Sun Tweet
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As such, he was supposed to reveal it on June 01 but again postponed it to Monday, i.e June 03. The drama of Sun’s mysterious tweet gotten the attention of masses, meantime TRX is soaring its average trading volume with over 13 percent over the past 24 hours.

At the press time, TRX counts its average trading volume at $2,695,260,233 wherein its value against the US Dollar isn’t pleasing enough still. Consequently, it is trading at the value $0.040420 against US Dollar.

Image Source- Coinmarketcap

In the center of mysterious announcement play, TRX’s 10th spot on Coinmarketcap (CMC) marks Sun’s success of accomplishing his challenge of bringing back TRX in its deserving spot.

As for now, the next big win by Sun will be released on June 03 i.e Monday. Coingape will keep you updated. To know Sun’s next big win in detail, subscribe to our Newsletter.

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