TronWallet all set to go Public with In- App Offering of KLV Token Sale

By Casper Brown
August 20, 2020 Updated August 20, 2020
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TronWallet has launched an In-App Offering (IAO) of KLV token using the wallet’s inbuilt Swap tool ahead of next week’s launch of Klever App.

TronWallet has experienced massive growth in the past three years with its current global user base standing above 600,000 users, becoming one of the most popular blockchain apps in the cryptocurrency sphere with support for the Bitcoin, Ethereum and Tron blockchains. With its goal of moving beyond these ecosystems and attracting users from the entire crypto sphere, it has launched a limited flash sale of its new KLV token as an In-App Offering (IAO) inside its TronWallet’s Swap tool.

The kick off of the KLV sale comes ahead of the mega launch of their 4th generation wallet TronWallet. This will enable TronWallet, soon to be, to launch itself as the de facto crypto solution that will offer efficient, safe and fast transactions for all blockchain protocols in the future.

This In-App Offering will offer current TronWallet users the opportunity to purchase the KLV tokens before their upcoming listing on premium Top 10 cryptocurrency exchanges and DEXs. Users can buy the KLV tokens using their BTC, TRX, ETH and USDT.  One KLV is priced at 0.003 USD, where approximately 1.2 billion KLV will be available for sale to their users. 300 million KLV tokens have already been sold out in VIP sale to private parties and VIP members.

TronWallet’s Growing User Base

TronWallet has seen immense growth in its user base recently, sparked by its upcoming move to The move is aimed at attracting new users by offering them a simpler, more powerful and intuitive platform for daily crypto use.

Since Klever’s announcement on 1st of July, TronWallet has experienced massive growth during which it has recorded over 222k daily active users (DAU). Meanwhile, it has attracted over 370k new users in less than two months, totaling at over 625k users worldwide. This exponential growth signifies the future potential of the TronWallet App. This massive growth in its user base can also be attributed to its recent integration of Ethereum and Bitcoin blockchains into the platform, with support for 10s of thousands of ERC20 tokens. These are two of the most widely used cryptocurrencies and blockchains, and has thus generated a lot of interest among the public for TronWallet and its simple and versatile user experience. 

The recent growth can also be attributed to TronWallet being featured in Google Play’s Mobile Payment App category, where it ranked number 1 in the US, UK, Australia and Thailand, as well as 22 other countries.

TronWallets daily active users (DAU) have increased to 222,000 on both Android and iOS Apps.

625k total users – added over 370k users since the July 1st announcement of

TronWallet’s growth since July 1st, with 481k monthly active users (MAU) and 331k weekly active users (WAU).

Following its strategic move, TronWallet will deliver a simpler crypto experience by taking advantage of the new in-house built Klever OS (Operating System) and optimized automation for user services. 

Features and Ecosystem will be the new and expanded home of TronWallet. The new branding and name will be active as of the last week of August 2020. The platform is designed to offer the best and most secure user experience to its users. It will consist of four main elements including Klever App, Klever OS, Klever Exchange and Klever Labs. The product ecosystem will provide tools that will educate users to take better crypto investment decisions, while enjoying total control of their assets, coupled with top-notch security and military-grade encryption of all data.

KLV token

KLV is the native token introduced to the Klever ecosystem. It will be the token to power all the platforms, products and services within its ecosystem. The philosophy behind this token is to create a single utility token for a variety of use cases. It has the potential to make it the most used utility token in the crypto sphere because it will power an entire ecosystem. This means that in the future the demand for KLV will constantly increase and the price of KLV skyrocket with the increased use of its products suite.

The Klever ecosystem will add new blockchains on a regular basis, in order to increase its use cases and relevance to users all over the globe. This consecutive roll out of new blockchains is aimed at tapping into advantages of those blockchains as demanded by the application’s users.

Klever OS, which has been built to allow developers to integrate a smart ready-made crypto wallet on any application and various devices such as smartphones, hardware and watches through a simple SDK. This platform is built to completely secure crypto wallets on a new level, and provide multi-staking abilities among other next-generation features.

Many of the TronWallet followers are eagerly looking towards the future to take advantage of the amazing new features offered by the ecosystem.

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