TRX v/s ETH – Ethereum’s File sharing dApp “Upfiring” Competing With TRON’s BitTorrent speed

Tabassum Altcoin News published January 19, 2019 | modified January 19, 2019

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TRX v/s ETH – Ethereum’s File sharing dApp “Upfiring” Competing With TRON’s BitTorrent speed

While Justin Sun is betting to make Tron ‘the most famous brand’, rival firms are eyeing to compete and step ahead. Ethereum’s file sharing dApp, Upfiring is likely competing BitTorrent speed released by TRON to increase the download speed via token incentives.

Face Off – Tron’s BitTorent Speed v/s  Ethereum’s dApp Upfiring

Competitively, Ethereum backed Upfiring file sharing dApp is dawn to compete BitTorrent and as such, the official announcement which broke out on Jan 17, 2019, stated that the app is all set and usable. Per the release, Upfiring dApp is in beta version and can be accessible to the public.

Recently on Jan 17, 2019, BitTorrent Inc has also revealed that the BitTorrent Speed will be live by Q2 2019. The software connects and incentivizes its users with BTT tokens, consequent to this, BitTorrent clients will receive BTT tokens for seeding and bandwidth which eventually enable file quick downloads.

While BitTorrent’s release is still on way, Upfiring file sharing dApp hit the market with the beta version.

To the similar extent, Upfiring also has its own token, called UFR token. The project, Upfiring is a dApp on Ethereum blockchain which doesn’t reward the user for bandwidth like BitTorrent.  Unlike BitTorrent incentive system, users should use UFR tokens to decrypt the file that they download. Upon decryption, such tokens will directly go to seeders.

Justin and Vitalik – the battle isn’t over

However, it’s not the first time that Justin and Vitalik are facing off, the battle is long been interesting. Sometimes sarcastically or sometimes Justin betting on Ethereum’s developers. But interestingly, this time, the battle comes with the matter of BitTorrent and dApp Upfiring. In addition, Justin’s BitTorrent is getting a more positive response than Vitalik’s Upfiring.

Crypto Market Outlook for Tron’s BitTorrent and Ethereum’s dApp Upfiring

Cryptocurrency market is showing the mixed signal, while Ethereum is getting green with 2.60 percent over the last 24 hrs, TRX is appearing on the red zone with 0.18 percent. It is interesting to note that the BitTorrent will soon go live in the market thus it is not yet listed on Coinmarketcap – whereas the Upfiring is already popping with its ticker UFR.

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With Ethereum again in the game, it will be interesting to see who wins this “speed” contest? Let us know in the comments below.

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