PR: UniqCoin Aims to Revolutionize the Global Big Data Industry

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April 2, 2019 Updated April 11, 2022
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UniqCoin, a cryptocurrency token developed by Uniqson Analytics International (, aims to help businesses make better decisions as they gain a more comprehensive understanding of consumer behavior and market trends.

Big data generally refers to collecting and storing a large amount of data in order to extract useful information to enable smart and effective decision making in real time and future. The collected data may be in various forms and sizes and from various sources.

Today’s society produces a considerable amount of data every day. Data is now a vital element of all aspects of our daily lives. The growth of real-time data is enabling better data-driven decisions in many socially impactful sectors such as health, public transportation, education, technology, and urban planning.

The value of data comes from its accuracy, and the arrival of artificial intelligence (AI) and blockchain technology has taken data analysis to a whole new level. It improves data accessibility by removing endless layers of friction and enables companies to become more organized, transparent and easily auditable.

The Uniqson Artificial Intelligence, or UAI, is an adaptive learning technology, built into the UBBS, a proprietary data network developed by Uniqson Analytics International. Basically, it enables marketers to instantly act on changes in audience behavior to improve marketing relevance and results. Now enhanced with blockchain, it is not only secure but the data obtained is much more valuable due to its structural integrity and immense inputs. This makes the data on UBBS the perfect source for analysis and comprehension.

It is essentially a big data blockchain system which utilizes UniqCoins that can be used for restaurants, payment of bills, e-commerce, and travel. This system analyses big data to capture what consumers prefer and their spending behavior and enables big data computational analysis to become accessible, inexpensive, and more secure for the masses.

By using blockchain technology, computing burden is spread across a multitude of computing devices in the UAI global blockchain ecosystem, which consists of Uniqson Partners, Uniqson Pay, Uniqson Travel and Uniqson E-Commerce.

Uniqson Pay

As a token holder, easily engage in faster and secure transactions with the Uniqson Pay feature. It is an all-in-one digital payment application for paying of utilities, telephone bills, online shopping, and can soon be used at restaurants. It is essentially the payment processing method that will be utilized throughout the Uniqson Ecosystem.

Uniqson Partners

Partnering with different organizations and companies to provide them with a platform for effective data management and analytics.

Uniqson Travel

Working with airlines to enhance air ticket bookings and ensure effective in-flight analytics.

Uniqson E-Commerce

Uniqson system also features e-commerce as we will be helping e-commerce stores to manage data as well as run customer data analytics.

We are currently in the middle of a giant data boom, which means more information is available to us than ever before. More information equals more opportunities to analyze data to find patterns and solutions that can help your organization grow and your mission to flourish. UAI is evolving to empower you to leverage the power of big data. At the end of it all, doing more with data starts with asking the right questions and having the tools to procure the best answers.

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