PR: UniqCoin (UNIQ) launches IEO sale on Btcoin100 platform

By Guest Author
Published April 29, 2019 Updated April 29, 2019
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PR: UniqCoin (UNIQ) launches IEO sale on Btcoin100 platform

By Guest Author
Published April 29, 2019 Updated April 29, 2019

On 2nd May, Btcoin100, a premier global digital asset trading platform, will launch an exclusive “UniqCoin Token (UNIQ) Sale”. Users will be able to purchase UNIQ with BTC and ETH. The sale event will conclude on the 30th of June 2019.

UniqCoin, developed by Uniqson Analytics International, is a self mining token that serves as an intermediary within the Uniqson big data blockchain system for restaurants, payment of bills, e-commerce, and travel. This system analyses big data to capture what consumers prefer and their spending behavior and enables big data computational analysis to become accessible, inexpensive, and more secure for the masses.

By using blockchain technology, computing burden is spread across a multitude of computing devices in the Uniqson global blockchain ecosystem, which consists of Uniqson Partners, Uniqson Pay, Uniqson Travel and Uniqson E-Commerce, all of which utilize UniqCoins as its currency of choice.

UniqCoin uses an ERC-20 utility token contract. Of the 1 billion UniqCoin token supply, 90% are mined and 10% are sold through various participating trading platforms that have participated in the UniqCoin Initial Exchange Offering.

UniqCoin aims to completely change different sectors of society and is a powerful platform where existing digital technologies can be combined with key emerging technologies. It is developed to empower companies by leveraging on the power of big data.

The UniqCoin Sale

UniqCoin Token Sale and Economics:

IEO Hard Cap:  2,100,000 USD

Total Token Supply:  1,000,000,000 UniqCoin

IEO allocation: 100,000,000 UniqCoin (10% of Total Token Supply)

Sale Token Price: 1 UniqCoin = 0.03 USD

IEO commencement date: 2nd may 2019 1800 (GMT+9)

IEO end date: 1st July 2019 2359 (GMT+9)

Cryptocurrency acceptable in exchange for (ETH), (BTC)

Minimum purchase pre-sale and token sale : 16,700 Tokens

KYC : Mandatory

Vesting Period: 3 months lockup after IEO ends (incentives will be given in ETH while locked) Any unsold tokens will be converted to rewards/bounties.

IEO the better way to fundraise


One of the main advantages of IEOs is trust. As the crowdsale is conducted on a cryptocurrency exchange platform the counterparty screens every project that seeks to launch an IEO on its website. Exchanges do this to maintain their good reputation by carefully vetting token issuers.

Therefore, IEOs can eliminate scam and dubious projects from raising funds via cryptocurrency exchange platforms, and it becomes much harder to scam contributors with IEOs.


Token issuers do not have to worry about the crowdsale security as the exchange is managing the IEO’s smart contract. The KYC/AML process is also handled by the crypto exchange as most service providers do KYC/AML on their customers after they create their accounts.


As token listings are also “in the deal,” it is a natural process that the cryptocurrency exchange where the IEO is conducted lists the coin of the startup after the crowdsale is over.

While IEOs seem like a more secure and efficient alternative to ICOs, the costs associated with token sales can be high for startups. Listing fees can go as high as 20 BTC, while exchanges can even take a 10% cut from the tokens of the fundraising companies.

About Btcoin100

The Btcoin100 Foundation consists of multinationals from China, Hong Kong, the United States, Argentina, Colombia, and Germany. The core members are: Wall Street Financial Product Architects in the United States, Singapore Media Channel Resource Practitioners, International Legal Persons, Digital Currency Exchange, Core Entrepreneur, and the bottom-level development of core technicians in the blockchain, so in addition to the head exchange management and marketing In addition to experience in operations, safety, and technology, we have considerable standards and experience in product architecture and legal regulations.

At present, Btcoin100 only open bitcoin and USDT trading pairs, and the daily trading volume has reached 22.36 million US dollars.

To learn more about Btcoin100, visit their website at

About Uniqson Analytics International

Uniqson Analytics International is a premier measurement and data analytics company. A recognized industry leader in providing Big Data implementations and management for various institutions around the world.

Uniqson Analytics International specializes in various tailor-made services for medium-sized and large companies. Our Uniqson Blockchain Big Data System, or UBBS, gives consumers access to a universe of Uniqson audience data, creating more value by improving advertising effectiveness, price optimization, product and concept development, shopper solutions and many more.

The firm has operations in over 6 countries, covering more than 90% of the population in our serviced countries, helping clients better engage and understand their consumer needs and wants.

For more information, please visit their website at



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