Upcoming ICO in February 2018 that You Can’t Miss

By Casper Brown
Published February 8, 2018 Updated December 10, 2019
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Upcoming ICO in February 2018
Upcoming ICOs in February 2018 that You Can’t Miss

Upcoming ICO in February 2018 that You Can’t Miss

By Casper Brown
Published February 8, 2018 Updated December 10, 2019

So you missed the big opportunity to make profits riding the early wave of cryptocurrencies, well, here we are providing you with a list of Upcoming ICO in February 2018 that you can’t miss. Check them out, some of them are closing their whitelisting soon.


Upcoming ICO in February 2018:

  1. WePower

Date – 1 February – 14 February

Soft cap – USD 5,000,000

Hard cap – USD 40,000,000

Website – https://wepower.network/

WePower is a blockchain-based green energy trading platform that basically enables the green energy producers to raise capital by issuing the tradable energy tokens. Its token sale was a huge success whose ticker is WPR and the token type ERC 20. The token price for this ICO is 1WPR=0.13USD. Only 45 percent is available for toke sale that accepts only ETH.

  1. Refereum

Date – 12 February – 12 March

Soft cap – USD 1,000,000

Hard cap – USD 25,000,000

Website – https://refereum.com/

Refereum is a growth and distribution platform that utilizes the blockchain to reward the developers and influencers directly by cutting out any marketing middleman in order to promote and play games. This results in lower marketing costs and improved profits for all the involved party. It is working closely with Unity and Twitch to enable the interested investors to play their open source demo. Refereum’s ticker is RFR and it accepts both ETH and BTC.

  1. Credits

Date – 15 February – 28 February

Soft cap – USD 15,000,000

Hard cap – USD 20,000,000

Website – https://credits.com/en

This platform offers a unique technical implementation of smart contracts, blockchain technology and data protocol. Credits is basically focusing on the financial industry by offering amazing speed and cost of transactions. With the token price of 1CS=0.16 USD, it accepts both BTC and ETH.

  1. BABB

Date – 6 February – 6 March

Soft cap – NA

Hard cap – 150 ETH

Website – https://getbabb.com/

Bank Account Based Blockchain or BABB will allow anyone to open a bank account and crowdsource the financial services. It basically combines the benefits of traditional bank and blockchain technology. Its ticker is BAX whose token price is 1BTX=0.0012USD. This ICO accepts ETH as well as USD.

  1. FintruX

Date – 7 February – 28 February

Soft cap – 5,000 ETH

Hard cap – USD 25,000,000

Website – https://www.fintrux.com

FintruX is basically a P2P lending system that is powered by Eethereum. It is basically an attempt to make unsecured loans highly secured for the masses. Now, getting unsecured loans would be easy, fast and of course affordable through FintruX. 1 FTX will cost you 0.55 USD. However, this ICO only accepts ETH for its ticker FTX. 

Let us know your thoughts about all these upcoming ICOs in our comment section below! 


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