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Disney Licenses Metaverse Technology for Theme Parks. Tracking Visitors with 3D Images is Possible Now

By Parasshuram Shalgar
Published January 10, 2022 Updated February 2, 2022

Disney has taken an extra step to create its theme-based park Metaverse. Not long ago, the entertainment company received approval for a “virtual-world simulator” patent. Disney Park visitors will be very soon eligible to ride through the metaverse as the entertainment giant considers the intensified reality.

In the last week of December 2021, Disney Enterprises was favored for a “virtual-world mimic” patent. As per the US Patent Office, “the approved technology will project 3D images and virtual effects on physical spaces.”

Metaverse Technology: Tracking Visitors in Theme Parks

The Metaverse designed by Disney isn’t for mass entertainment. Rather, the device will be used to track individual park visitors; thereby personalizing the projections. For example: On one hand, a family could witness Mickey Mouse addressing them by a hot-dog stand. On the other hand, another group could interact with Harry Potter with a cup of Butterbeer.

During Disney’s 4th quarter earnings call, Chief Executive Officer – Bob Chapek said, “The technology lines up with the brand’s aim of narrating stories by way of a “three-dimensional canvas”.

He further added, “We are working till date just to introduce ourselves into a time when we can connect the physical and digital worlds even more closely. This connection will assist ‘boundless storytelling’ within the Disney metaverse.”

Disney administrators addressed the LA Times saying, “Our company has zero established current strategies to use the simulator.” The officials added that Disney files 100+ patents yearly for investigating the ‘ever-evolving technologies.

This filed patent pinpoints the eligibility of a simulator to design shared virtual-world experiences without a headset or mobile device. Such a creation is both costly & inconvenient. Moreover, these wearable AR devices demand “burdensome sanitation procedures” amidst the global pandemic.