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“Gucci” Announces Releasing ‘Vault’ – The Modern Fashion House Metaverse Play

By Gitumani Talukdar
Published January 19, 2022 Updated May 24, 2022

Undoubtedly, Fashion houses institute an inseparable connection with NFTs & metaverse. For the second time, Gucci has established the tie-up with ranks this week. Gucci announced the collaborative release with Vault – the fashionable Metaverse play. Gucci has reiterated & launched an “experimental online space,” Vault, in association with Superplastic.

Overview of Gucci’s NFTs & Metaverse

The latest arrangement of NFT, i.e., “#SUPERGUCCI” – is a set of ten dubbed NFTs. This non-fungible token is the first collaborative NFT analysis for the brand. Nevertheless, this NFT isn’t the 1st collection of Gucci. In June 2020, Gucci launched their first NFT, i.e., ‘Gucci Aria NFT’. Online concept store reveals that contrasting to the standard NFT releases, the new Gucci is a new gauge.

As seen from the Vault site, Gucci’s new release is cataloged as a state of permanent extension containing customized archive pieces. It can be described as a fashion house museum of sorts.

The Vault is a Big Picture

Many fashion and clothing brands are entering & analyzing the space; like Burberry. Gucci is pillared by competitors Louis Vuitton, Dolce & Gabbana. All of these firms show an active engagement in blockchain and NFT projects. Also, many other standard clothing firms; Adidas, are into the crypto business. Moreover, Gap – a standard apparel firm announces the release of NFTs. 

Of course, not all brands portray a similar friendly attitude towards the idea of NFTs. For instance – the brand Hermes doesn’t seem to be quite pleased with a creator mimicking their brand image. Eying to the December NFTs’ affair, Hermes is indicating its concern of IP and logo violations in respect to NFT originator – Mason Rothschild’s MetaBirkins. Irrespective of their rankings in the global market, Fashion brands are detecting a distinctive strategy to engage with consumers. Anyways, it’s a long journey yet to see consumers’ engagement with NFTs.