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Mars4 Metaverse NFTs Traded Off In Less Than 24 Hours, $250,000 Procured

By Gitumani Talukdar
Published January 18, 2022 Updated February 2, 2022

Mars4 Metaverse – a distinctive project tokenizing the Red Planet’s facet, measures the statistics of its huge NFT sale. The team coordinating Mars4 Metaverse’s official announcement reads, “Our Mars4 NFTs have enticed huge attention from retail investors.”

Mars4 NFTs sold for $250,000, Stage 1 is in Succession

The net magnitude of NFT sales exceeded $250,000 in just 24 hours. Mature as well as starter NFT followers pronounced to acquire the status of a “Mars Landlord.” Eying on the legal terms, every Mars4 NFT constitutes a geographically concrete plot of land across the surface of the Red Planet. NASA in collaboration with a few superior space research agencies gathered the data for this map. Mars’s top is disclosed in a 3D image for an intrigued observation adventure.

The moment the first NFT was sold to investors, the Mars4 NFT ecosystem launched an epoch-based system of rewards recompense. Such investors who purchased Mars4 land NFTs either during or before the current epoch (Epoch 1) are eligible to gain 51% of the earnings upended the protocol in the next epoch.

All rewards shall be entitled to Mars4 Tokens or Mars4 Dollars. Soon after the next NFT sale’s launch, these rewards will be distributed. This system is expected to influence the toke-nomics of the process between Epoch 0 and Epoch 5. Henceforth, it’s debated to foreground investors who visited Mars4 Metaverse earlier.

Only Token Holders Will Survive

At the earliest Q1, 2022, more than 56,000 NFTs were traded off. Now, only around 3,000 NFTs remain available for investors in Epochs 2-5. The developing protocol and its ecosystem make things such that Mars4 NFTs are expected to accommodate certificates for virtual locations on Mars. Over and above Mars4 Dollars, the tokens will be counted in “survival sets”; bestowing its owners to survive & earn in a Mars-themed virtual ecosystem.