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Melania Trump Wishes Bitcoin A Happy Birthday In A New Matt Damon Advertisement

By Parasshuram Shalgar
Published January 6, 2022 Updated February 2, 2022

On Twitter, Matt Damon’s advertising aroused uproar since Melania Trump’s appeared to counter her husband’s perspective towards cryptocurrencies. According to the video above, Ross Mac of Maconomics spoke about the latest events in the realm of cryptocurrencies.

The Oscar Winner actor was featured in an advertisement for the cryptocurrency exchange With the tagline “Fortune Favors The Brave,” Damon ponders the difference between people who accomplish great things and those who come close to achieving great things in this short movie.

On the one hand, the famous actor who starred in Jason Bourne’s film has shown his enthusiasm for cryptos. In contrast, on the flip side, the British Parliament has reverted to its anti-crypto perspective, as previously reported.

Here are the top noteworthy Bitcoin reports from the preceding day, Tuesday, January 4, from Ross Mac.

An advertisement for featuring Matt Damon ignited an uproar on Twitter last night when the actor said, “bitcoin trade is on the league with humanity’s greatest accomplishments in history. The fact that this advertisement isn’t brand new is one of its fascinating features. It first appeared on the internet in October of the previous year, but that hasn’t stopped people from retweeting it. Making another Jason Bourne film, with the tagline ‘Crypto Ultimatum,’ which would be premiered in 2017, would be an excellent notion.

In contrast to former President Donald Trump, former First Lady Melania Trump went to Twitter to recognize the 13th anniversary of bitcoin’s inception on September 14, 2020, which is the first time the cryptocurrency has been marked. This is a home that truly represents the “Let’s agree to disagree” philosophical approach, especially given that she has just lately announced the commencement of her own NFT campaign.

The non-fungible tokens Melania Trump launched in December and intended to utilize as digital assets are also advertised in Trump’s tweet. She released a digital artwork titled “Melania’s Vision,” Former First Lady Melania Trump makes her first attempt at digital asset development. NFT, invented by Marc-Antoine Coulon, offered for a Solana, which is around $155.

Former President Trump claims to be well-versed in cryptocurrency and believes it to be “extremely harmful,” particularly given his desire for “a currency known as the dollar.” “I don’t want all of these currencies,” he argues, “because it might lead to a never-before-seen explosion.” “It will make the last big tech boom seem like child’s play.” “I never liked it because I prefer having the dollar,” he adds.

“Bitcoin simply seems to be a rip-off,” he remarked. 

More than a dozen members of the United Kingdom’s Parliament have petitioned the government to adopt a more aggressive approach against the cryptocurrency industry. Original reporting came from iNews, which cited MP Richard Holden, who compared cryptocurrencies to the wild west in a statement. Is this something you’ve heard before? Gary Gensler, the current Chair of the American Securities and Exchange Commission, has made a similar link.

Bitcoin’s Future In Upcoming Years

Although losing more than half of its value, Bitcoin still has a promising future in the upcoming years. Numerous institutional investors and businesses continue to embrace BTC in growing numbers as they realize its vast potential. Innumerable companies see Bitcoin as a potential long-term institutional investment and venture.

The total quantity of Bitcoin is restricted to 21 million coins, of which 18.5 million have already been mined throughout the currency’s ten-year lifespan. Given this, the combination of rising demand and dwindling supply will likely result in a high price tag in 2025.  By that time, there will be fewer Bitcoins available to mine. Also, the final Bitcoin is anticipated.

Bitcoin’s Influence In The Next Years

Bitcoin halving is a four-year occurrence in which Bitcoin mining earnings are halved. At the moment, the mining reward for each block is 6.25 BTC. However, it will be split to 3.125 BTC at the next bitcoin halving scheduled for Spring 2024.

The halving event will increase the scarcity of bitcoin, resulting in a price increase. The demand and supply law has traditionally caused each Bitcoin halving event to be followed by a significant price spike.