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Walmart Inaudibly Prepares to Set Foot into the Metaverse

By Gitumani Talukdar
Published January 17, 2022 Updated February 2, 2022

Walmart takes shape to speculate into the Metaverse. The idea behind this proposition is to create its cryptocurrency and accumulate non-fungible tokens (NFTs). Several new brand names have been filed by the emporium late last month hinting at its plan to make and sell virtual goods. These goods count in electronics, home decors, toys, competitive goods, and exclusive care products. The company filed a report which read, “We are planning to offer users a virtual currency, including NFTs.”

As per the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office, “Walmart cataloged the applications on Dec. 30, 2021.” Overall, seven separate applications have capitulated. Walmart’s declaration said it is “over and over investigating the strategy behind new technologies”. It is also looking forward to how these technologies unfold and can shape future shopping experiences.

Walmart collapsed to comment on the particular trademark filings. The company claimed, “We’re analyzing new ideas day and night. Few ideas will turn into products or services reaching potential customers. And some will be tested, reprised, and learned from.”

Gerben’s Statements Regarding Walmart

Gerben – a trademark representative said, “They’re exceptional. There is innumerable language in these hinting at the giant plan strategy going on privately. The strategy includes the methodology of addressing cryptocurrency, the metaverse, and the virtual world.”

Gerben claimed, “Since the date, Facebook announced it is modifying the company name to Meta, businesses hastened to decipher how to fit into a virtual world.” After Nike filed a twist of trademark applications, the company purchased the virtual sneaker company RTFKT for its actualized amount. Eying this, Gebar said, “Promptly, everyone seems to accept this as super real. Hence, it’s high time we assure the security of our IP within space.”

CB Insights presented a report which outlined a few reasons behind retailers and brands investing in such ventures that are expected to bestow them with new revenue streams. Gerben said, “It’s just a matter of time. Once the consumers will be acquainted with the metaverse and items stored on the blockchain, an increased number of retailers will create their ecosystem around it.”