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WazirX Chief Executive Officer Remarks on Crypto Jobs

By Gitumani Talukdar
Published January 17, 2022 Updated February 2, 2022

Nischal Shetty- the founder & CEO of WazirX, recently tweeted about job opportunities in the crypto industry. His tweet said, “Crypto jobs have grown 400 percent as compared to a 100 percent expansion in tech jobs.” Crypto being a new industry calls for fundamental understanding. With proper knowledge about the crypto industry, you can easily assist in getting through these interviews. What’s necessary is to learn; after learning you can BUIDL.

These days, companies seem to amplify their attempts to hire people who’re well aware of how to handle and manage bitcoin. LinkedIn presents a new survey, according to which, the total number of job advertisements implementing the term ‘bitcoin,’ ‘Ethereum,’ ‘blockchain,’ and ‘cryptocurrency’ has surged fairly. In the years 2020 and 2021, the US economy expanded by 395 %.

This expansion in the US economy is much higher than the 98 % shoot up in records for the entire tech industry in the same period. Blockchain developers and engineers were the most prevalent job titles on LinkedIn.

Eying onto LinkedIn’s report, the maximum number of job listings was in the software and finance business, having said, the professional services business, the staffing industry, and the computer hardware industry also witnessed a surge in enlisting crypto-related state-of-affairs.

2021 Reported Cryptocurrency as the Mainstream

In 2021, the crypto industry witnessed a substantial escalation into the mainstream. Bitcoin saw a surge in its value by 50 percent during 2021. Experts anticipated that BTC’s trend would continue. They even predicted that Bitcoin would shortly touch $100,000 per coin – on top of its double current value.

With the increase in the value of cryptocurrency, the community also witnessed a sprung up. People these days request cryptocurrency as a gift at the wedding. Students on college campuses are interested to invest prominently in the crypto industry. The conclusion is that whether you are looking for new employment or thinking of investing in a side business this year, the crypto world will have something to offer.