Vitalik v/s CZ Isn’t Over, Binance CEO mocks Vitalik After Ranking First Among 100 Most Influential Crypto People

Tabassum Altcoin News published January 16, 2019 | modified January 16, 2019

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Vitalik v/s CZ Isn’t Over, Binance CEO mocks Vitalik After Ranking First Among 100 Most Influential Crypto People

With the most engaging profile, Zhao changpeng, CEO of Binance is again ranked 1st among the 100 most influential people in crypto 2019 ranked by Cryptoweekly. The list counts 100 plus individuals that are involved in the crypto community over the past year.

It began with Vitalik’s “burn in hell” comment for centralized exchanges

Among the initial 10 names, along with CZ, the list presented Coinbase’s Brian, Ethereum’s Vitalik, Gemini’s Tyler Winklevoss, Ripple’s Brad Garlinghouse, Roger Ver, Barry Silbert, Jihan Wu, Michael Novogratz, and Adam Back. However, the other renowned faces of the industry including, Tron’s Justin Sun, John McAfee, Charlie Lee, Cameron Winklevoss Bobby Lee, Anthony Pompliano, Vinny Lingham and many other comes down the scroll.

While the announcement may excite all those personalities appeared in the list, CZ’s sense of gratitude to be the first in the list again was quite interesting. The latest tweet of CZ quietly mocks at Vitalik Buterin’s statements so far.

Again this tweet of CZ pointed out the Vitalik Buterin’s comment in an interview with Jon Evans at Techcrunch session in July 2018 where he criticized centralized exchanges.

“I definitely hope centralized exchanges go burn in hell as much as possible.”

As Coingape reported earlier, this conversation between CZ and Vitalik Buterin has been heated up when in response to it, CZ tweeted:

Although CZ is quite vocal about what he feels, and consequently, his tweet of gratefulness towards cryptoweekly, but there seems nothing from Vitalik’s side yet. Many of CZ’s fans congratulated him whilst pointing out what he actually wants to indicate – one of such user points;

Further early today, CZ silently trolled the hacked incident of Cryptopia (but by not naming it anywhere in his tweet) as a way to promote ‘Binance DEX’. Although at first he draws fire on himself since the tweet didn’t indicate ‘DEX promo’ but after the backlash, he had to backtrack. CZ then quickly took Twitter and cleared his viewpoint, explaining that;

It clearly indicates Vitalik’s sentiments about centralized exchanges and that being a centralized exchange himself he didn’t like it much. Do you think Vitalik was right in calling centralized exchanges to “burn in hell”?

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