Vitalik Vs Justin: Vitalik Denied His Claim of Admiring TRON’s BitTorrent, Justin Sun Responded

Tabassum Altcoin News February 26, 2019

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Vitalik Vs Justin: Vitalik Denied His Claim of Admiring TRON’s BitTorrent, Justin Sun Responded

So the online battle between Vitalik and Justin Sun began again. Etheruem’s co-founder ‘Vitalik Buterin fired on media’s headline that says ‘Vitalik talks about TRON’s BitTorrent’.

Vitalik Deny Claim of Admiring TRON’s BitTorrent

On Feb 25, 2019, when the most crypto enthusiasts were discussing XRP listing on Coinbase Pro, the creator of Ethereum, the second largest cryptocurrency, took twitter aggressively and clarified the alleged media claim. To note, the headline states ‘Vitalik’s positive sides for TRON’s BitTorrent and Sun’s reaction on it’.

However, according to Vitalik – the statement is not true. He says that he admired BitTorrent when it wasn’t the part of TRON, in particular, he discusses it during an interview happened in Aug 2017 henceforth his statement has nothing to do with TRON. According to Vitalik’s statement, TRON acquired Bittorrent in 2018. With an example of avocados, Vitalik aggressively said;

Sun’s Sarcastic Response

Following the aggressive comment of Vitalik, Justin Sun sarcastically responded referring to the same example ‘avocados’. He adds;

We all love avocados. I acquired all avocado farms and reached to monopoly. Now if you still love avocados you have to listen to me. However, I am happy to give you free avocados for sure!

To make it clear, the discussion began when a Twitter user posted a video on Feb 23 on Twitter wherein Vitalik speaks about decentralized network ‘using BitTorrent as an example’. Given that the post is new and the caption made on the statement – Justin sun mockingly commented ‘why he is so obsessed’.

As for now and looking closer to the video, Vitalik admired BitTorrent without bias in 2017, given that TRON network acquired BitTorrent in 2018 respectively. So readers, what do you have to say on vitalik’s statement of elaborating the claim and Sun’s sarcastic response?

Is it the end of the battle? or is it the beginning of a new troll? share your opinion with us.

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