April 8, 2022

$1M Price Target on Bitcoin: Cathie, Ricardo, Kevin & Peter

The Ark Invest founder, Cathie Wood, recapitulates her views on cryptocurrency to reach up to $1 million by 2030.

According to Wood, her research reveals that the majority of bitcoin investors are long-term investors.

Mexico’s third-richest man, Ricardo, claims to have 60% of his net worth in Bitcoin at the Miami conference.

Ricardo believes the best thing is to get back $100 and then "bond investment," which he considers to be the worst thing.

Kevin O’Leary strongly believes that bitcoin is the "World’s Reserve Currency." He predicts hydroelectricity and nuclear energy will be the next sources of mining.

Peter Brandt wishes Dr. Jeff Ross, Vailshire Capital Management’s CEO, with his notion that if bitcoin goes to $27.111, he will add "laser eyes" to his avatar.

The laser eye was trending in February 2021, when CZ of Binance, Musk, and Saylor supported the flashmob. There are people who strongly believe in bitcoin's surge to $100,000 per coin.

Will history repeat itself in the case of BTC?