21-year-old Hague Art Academy student Stijn van Schaik is selling his soul as an NFT.

30th March, 2022

Schaik, who lives in the Netherlands, has put up his soul as an NFT on the OpenSea marketplace.

The 21-year old has put up his soul on the NFT market as a digital artwork called, “Soul of Stinus”

Van Schaik wrote, “What does it mean for a soul to be decentralized? Let’s find out,” on OpenSea where he listed the NFT.

The art student also instructed the use cases for his soul once it is sold. He permits sacrificing or offering his soul, in whole or in part, to any deity or spiritual entity.

The highest bid on the Soul NFT currently stands at 0.11ETH ($378).

In the “sale of Soul agreement,” the owner of the NFT said that he would not interfere via metaphysical, magical, or spiritual means with the buyer's attempt to claim, transfer, or use the transferred Soul in any manner.

It will be interesting to see how much the modern day Faust gets for his soul.